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Policy Responses to Precarious Work in Asia
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社會所蕭新煌特聘研究員合編「Policy Responses to Precarious Work in Asia」出版

這本書由社會所蕭新煌特聘研究員與美國北卡大學(Chapel Hill)社會學系Arne L. Kalleberg傑出教授及澳洲Murdoch大學亞洲研究中心主任Kevin Hewison 傑出教授共同主編,也是三人過去幾年來攜手合作所進行的亞洲非典型勞動整合型國際比較研究計畫的最新成果。本書已由本院社會所於日前出版。





Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao

Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao is Distinguished Research Fellow andDirector of the Institute of Sociology at Academia Sinica and Professorof Sociology at National Taiwan University and National Sun Yat-senUniversity. In addition, he is also Chair Professor of Hakka studies atNational Central University. He had previously served as a NationalPolicy Advisor to the President of Taiwan between 1996 and 2006, andas Executive Director of the Centre for Asia-Pacific Area Studies inAcademia Sinica. His areas of specialization include civil society, newdemocracies, middle class in Asia, local sustainable development,Hakka studies, and NGO studies. His most recent books include:Lessons o/Taiwan 's Local Environment (editor, 2015); Writing Taiwan'sThird Sector History II (editor, 2015); Near Neighbors: Issues in Taiwan

and Hong Kong Societies (co-editor, 2014); Globalization and NewIntra-Urban Dynamics in Asian Cities (co-editor, 2014); Politics,Ethnicity. Religions and Art in Indonesia (co-editor, 2014); WritingTaiwan's Third Sector History I (editor, 2014); Democracy orAlternative Political Systems in Asia: After the Strongmen (editor, 2014)and Chinese Middle Classes: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and China(editor, 2014).


Arne L. Kalleberg

Arne L. Kalleberg is Kenan Distinguished Professor of Sociology atthe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also has adjunctappointments in Business, Global Studies and Public Policy. He haspublished more than 120 articles and chapters and 11 books on topicsrelated to the sociology of work, organizations, occupations and

industries, labor markets, and social stratification. His most recent bookis Good Jobs, Bad Jobs: The Rise of Polarized and PrecariousEmployment Systems in the United States, 1970s-2000s (Russell SageFoundation, 2011). His major current projects include a cross-nationalstudy of the causes and consequences of precarious work in a number ofAsian and European countries and the role of community colleges in

workforce preparation. He served as President of the AmericanSociological Association in 2007-2008 and is currently the editor ofSocial Forces, An International Journal of Social Research.


Kevin Hewison

Kevin Hewison is Sir Walter Murdoch Professor of Politics andInternational Studies and Director of the Asia Research Centre atMurdoch University in Western Australia. Before this, he was WeldonE. Thornton Distinguished Professor in the Departmentof Asian Studiesat the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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 Contributors                                                         v

 PART I Overview

 I. Featuring Policies on Precarious Work in Asia                              1

Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, Arne L. Kalleberg,and Kevin Hewison

 2. Confronting Precarious Work in Asia: Politics and Policies 13

Arne L. Kalleberg and Kevin Hewison

 PART II Country Case Studies

 3. Policy Responses to the Precarity of Non-regular Employmentin Japan        49


 4. Labor Market Flexibility and Policy Issues ofNon-regular Employment in SouthKorea                                                           81

Kwang-Yeong Shin

5. Assessing Reform of the Policies on Nonstandard Workersin Taiwan        105

Peter Jen-Der Lu£, Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao,and Chien-Hung Lee

6. Regulating Precarious Labor for Economic Growth andSocial Stability in China 135


7. Labor Struggle Against Increasing Labor Precarity inSoutheast Asia 179

Rene E. Ofreneo

8. Precarious Work in Indonesia: State and Policy Responses 211


9. Policy Responses to Precarious Work in Sri Lanka                       237