Don't Kill the Bosses! ― Escaping the Hierarchy Trap
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Don't Kill the Bosses! is a cool-headed blueprint for changing companies by challenging the idea of boss-dominated relationships. The book explores the critical flaw of the boss/subordinate relationship: Management fails to establish a framework for subordinates to communicate in a forthright manner, so subordinates spin the facts for their bosses.

The book identifies the culprit as one-sided accountability and shows the consequences: warped communication, corrupt internal politics, illusionary teamwork, and a pass-the-buck mentality. The proposed solution is surprisingly simple: Replace this particular hierarchical relationship -- without disposing of the organizational chart -- with an alternative model. The authors demonstrate how to establish candid, equal-footing relationships that allow organizations to work effectively and productively.

SAMUEL A. CULBERT is Professor of Management at UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management, a position he has held for over twenty-five years. Prior to UCLA, Culbert taught at The George Washington University and was Program Director in the Organization Studies Center of The NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Sciences Culbert is widely recognized as an expert and theoretician in the management field having authored several books and numerous research articles. He holds a McKinsey award for an article published in the Harvard Business Review, wrote The Organization Trap, and In 1980 his book The Invisible War: Pursuing Self-Interests At Work (coauthored with John J. McDonough) won the AAP award as the best business and management book published that year.

JOHN ULLMEN, PH.D., is an acclaimed executive coach whose clients include dozens of leading international firms. He oversees, conducts popular feedback-based seminars on influence in organizations, and teaches at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.