Head & Neck:Dissection and Reconstruction Manual
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This dissection manual contains detailed descriptions and allinclusive illustrations on the full range of surgical procedures in the head and neck. It also includes meticulous dissection technique guidance on reconstruction operations. The manual provides readily available access to valuable experience accumulated by expert Head and Neck surgeons. In compiling this manual the editors have delivered a comprehensive guide and reference both within the laboratory and when preparing for the operating room.


 “The Head & Neck Dissection and Reconstruction Manual, compiled by the Chinese University of Hong Kong faculty, contains the key information that dissectors require to be able to proceed through the surgical steps of common head and neck and reconstructive surgery operations, and will be an important companion in the dissection room.”

—Johan Fagan, Professor and Chairman, Division of Otorhinolaryngology, University of Cape Town


“We have created this manual to guide, complement and enhance value to be gained from the priceless opportunity of dissecting specimens of excellent quality. It is indeed a privilege to gain hands on experience in the totally safe setting of the laboratory.”

—Eddy Wong, Associate Consultant, Department of ENT, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong

—Andrew van Hasselt, Professor of Surgery (Otorhinolaryngology), The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Eddy Wong is Associate Consultant in the Department of ENT, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong.


Andrew van Hasselt is Professor of Surgery (Otorhinolaryngology), The Chinese University of Hong Kong.