THERE'S A WORD FOR IT!: A Grandiloquent Guide to Life
  • THERE'S A WORD FOR IT!: A Grandiloquent Guide to Life

  • ISBN13:9780684824550
  • 出版社:Scribner
  • 作者:Charles Harringto Elster
  • 裝訂/頁數:精裝/272頁
  • 出版日:1996/01/01
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優惠價: 79608
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Warning: This is not simply another book about obscure English words. Instead, it's an open-armed invitation to go on a mischievous, quirky, madcap expedition through the depths of our unabridged dictionaries, where you will learn about all the exceptional words you never knew you needed to know to live a fuller, more verbally enriched life. Consider that without realizing it we may have engaged in acokoinonia (sex without passion or desire), been bored to tears by the company of a philodox (someone in love with his or her own opinions), or suffered from recurrent matutolypea (getting up on the wrong side of the bed).

There's a Word for It! will help you plug gaping holes in your vocabulary and apply vibrant color to the blank spots in your picture of the world. The book also contains a dazzling selection of light verse by such famous (and fabulous) scribes as Hogden Gnash, Anais Numb, and G. B. Pshaw.

Get ready to dig into this delectable lexical feast, served up by the language connoisseur William Safire calls "ek-STROR-di-ner-ee."

Charles Harrington Elster is the author of the vocabulary-building mystery novel Tooth and Nail, and the pronunciation guides There Is No Zoo in Zoology and Is There a Cow in Moscow? His award-winning program on language, A Word to the Wise, aired for five years on San Diego public radio, and he has been a commentator on NPR, CBC, and hundreds of radio shows around the country. He also wrote and narrated the bestselling audiocassette word-power program Verbal Advantage Success Edition. A graduate of Yale, Elster lives in San Diego with his wife and daughter.