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"This is a great choice for first-chapter-book readers, especially those already acquainted with Judy."—BOOKLIST

Judy Moody ate one, two, three bowls of cereal. No prize.
She poured four, five, six bowls of cereal. Nothing. Seven.
Out fell the Mystery Prize.

Judy definitely has a mood for every occasion. And now she has a mood ring to prove it! The mood ring's Extra Special Powers have put Judy in a predicting mood, and her outrageous predictions have everyone wondering if Judy really is psychic. According to "Madame M" (for Moody), the Toad Pee Club's long-lost mascot will reappear, Judy will earn the coveted Thomas Jefferson tricorn-hat sticker for "Great Job, Good Thinking"—and love may be the real reason behind her teacher's new eyeglasses. Will Judy's fortune-telling adventures put kids in a very Judy Moody mood? (Signs point to yes!)
Megan McDonald is the author of the popular and award-winning Judy Moody series. She says, "Mood rings were magic to me as a kid growing up in the seventies. When I saw them making a comeback, I knew right away that Judy Moody had to have one. Only Judy would think she could slip on a mood ring and see the future! But isn’t it true, after all, that we each have a part in making our own way?" Megan McDonald lives with her husband, two dogs, two horses, and fifteen wild turkeys.

Peter H. Reynolds is the illustrator of all four Judy Moody books. He says of this latest title, "JUDY MOODY PREDICTS THE FUTURE touches on a powerful theme - being able to envision the future. Judy playfully explores the concept while inspiring the reader to do the same. It is my hope that Judy will inspire readers to predict a future filled with good moods - peaceful moods."