Microbial Biosurfactants and Their Environmental and Industrial Applications
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Microbial biosurfactants are green molecules with high application potential in environmental and industrial sectors. Chemical diversity of biosurfactants allows them versatility and broad range surfactants capability without compromising performance and economic viability. Biosurfactants are used as emulsifiers, dispersants, wetting agents, oil recovery agents, biopesticides, stabilizers, solubilizers, and bioremediation agents (pesticide, heavy metals and oil spill cleanup). This comprehensive book on biosurfactants and their environmental and industrial applications offers a broad spectrum of information on potential applications of biosurfactants in various fields and related technological developments.

Professor Ibrahim M. BANAT, Professor of Microbial Biotechnology at the University of Ulster, UK. Has >30 years in academic and research institutions in Europe and internationally and has several active collaborative project within the EU, and international academic and industrial establishments. Research interests include biosurfactant and bio-actives production and potential utilization in medical, pharmaceutical applications, environmental oil pollution control and hydrocarbon polluted land bioremediation and microbial enhanced oil recovery. He has also worked on molecular and cell biology of thermophilic Geobacilli bacteria and bioethanol fermentation. To date (June 2018) has > 300 publications (H-Index 68) and > 22,500 citation see;

Dr. Rengathavasi Thavasi, R&D Manager-Fermentation Technology at Jeneil Biotech Inc., Saukville, WI, USA. He has 17 years research experience in microbial biosurfactants, bioemulsifiers, biopesticides, antimicrobials, natural flavor chemicals, probiotics and their industrial and environmental applications. He has filed 3 U.S-Patents, published 23 research articles in refereed journals and written 5 book chapters. Thavasi has been awarded 5 USA-NSF-SBIR research grants (as a Principal Investigator) for his biosurfactant derived biopesticides and biosurfactant research. He is serving as a reviewer for peer review journals and research grant proposals.