The Blink of an Eye ― A Memoir of Dyingnd Learning How to Live Again
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Acclaimed by Bill Bryson as “spellbinding and harrowing,” the story of one woman’s dramatic recovery from life-threatening illness

At the age of 38, Danish scientist Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard is struck down by an acute bout of bacterial meningitis. Weeks later, she wakes from a coma in intensive care to find herself “locked in,” unable to show she is conscious except by blinking her eyes. Despite a mere 5 percent chance of survival, she makes a miraculous recovery and returns to the world—painfully learning how to breathe, move, eat, and speak again, even resume her work as a scientist. The Blink of an Eye is a celebration of love, family, and every little thing that matters when life is in the balance—by a writer uniquely positioned to describe the journey from death back to life.
Rikke Schmidt Kjaergaard, PhD, is a scientist, mother, and cofounder of Graphicure, which develops software to help patients understand their conditions and manage treatment. She has held positions at Cambridge, Harvard Medical School, and Aarhaus University. She was a member of the Young Academy at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

Bill Bryson is the New York Times–bestselling author of several books.