Leo's Pent Up Feelings ― Hiding Feelings & Learning Authenticity
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Leo has had lots of practice at hiding his feelings and controlling his environment with a mask of optimism.

But when he is faced with the consequences of his pent up emotions, he has no choice but to name, understand, and respond to his emotions to find safety again.

Leo lets go of his instruments of control and commits to trust others with his true self and live with the authenticity of a real MVP Kid.

Includes a Learn and Discuss guide for parents and teachers.

In her Real MVP Kids series of books for preschoolers and elementary students, Sophia Day interacts with children through a recipe of entertainment and inviting illustrations. She promotes healthy mentoring relationships by providing opportunities for parents and teachers to personally relate with their children. Her goal is to help inspire honorable character in young men and women to prepare them to become Real MVPs and to live meaningful, responsible lives.

Megan Johnson is a homeschooling, adoptive and special needs mother of five. Prepared by a degree in education, linguistic studies and extensive cross-cultural experience, Megan seeks to provide readers with accessible tools for building a caring, inclusive community. Writing provides an outlet for all of Megan’s passions and the satisfaction of completion when the rest of her parenting duties seem never ending. Megan currently resides in Arizona.

Stephanie Strouse is MVP Kids Creative Director and the illustrator for many of our Real MVP Kids books. Stephanie received a BA in Visual Communications Design from Virginia Tech, developing a passion for communicating through illustration and color. Stephanie loves seeing real life versions of the MVP Kids out and about in real life, reinforcing her desire to make a lasting impact in children’s lives through her creative works. Stephanie currently resides in Ohio.
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