Hokkien Spanish Historical Document Series I(閩南―西班牙歷史文獻叢刊一)
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The Hokkien Spanish Historical Document Series I contains two manuscripts from the 17th century: the Dictionario Hispánico Sinicum held in the archive of University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines, and the Arte de la Lengua Chio Chiu held in the Library of the University of Barcelona, Spain.

Both manuscripts were joint works written by 17th century Spanish Dominican missionaries and Hokkien Chinese who lived in Manila. The Dictionario Hispánico Sinicum has more than 1,000 pages, 27,000 Hokkien vocabulary, and stores words and idioms that covered the all-inclusive details of Hokkien daily life in the Philippines 400 years ago. They presented a concrete image of Hokkien people interacting with Spanish culture in the Philippines in the Age of Discovery. The Arte de la Lengua Chio Chiu is the earliest extant Hokkien grammar book written by Europeans. From a Spanish perspective, it introduced Hokkien, the most important business language in East Asian seas at that time, to the Europeans.

A proud collaboration project initiated by scholars from Taiwan, Spain, Germany, and the Philippines, the publication of these precious documents provides a vivid picture of the history of Hokkien-Spanish exchange in the Philippines in the Age of Discovery.

Hokkien Spanish Historical Document Series I(《閩南―西班牙歷史文獻叢刊一》)收錄兩份十七世紀的手稿,分別是菲律賓聖多瑪斯(Santo Tomas)大學檔案館的《西班牙─華語辭典》(Dictionario Hispánico Sinicum),與西班牙巴塞隆納大學圖書館的《漳州話語法》(Arte de la Lengua Chio Chiu)。


Fabio Yuchung Lee, Associate Professor, Institute of History, National Tsing Hua University

Tsung-jen Chen, Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica

Regalado Trota José,菲律賓聖多瑪斯大學檔案館館長
Regalado Trota José, Professor, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines

José Caño Ortigosa,西班牙塞維亞大學美洲史研究所助理教授
José Caño Ortigosa, Assistant Professor, Institute of American History, University of Seville, Spain

Editorial Preface

When different cultures made contact, language was naturally the primary medium used in the exchange, therefore dictionaries or grammar books compiled by persons fluent in both languages would serve as valuable materials to comprehend the history of interaction with a foreign culture. Ever since the Spaniards arrived in Manila in 1571 and got in touch with the Chinese, people from both parties have been mutually learning the each other’s language and edit dictionaries and grammar books. The two parties carried different motives: the Minnan merchants, whom the Spaniards called Sangleyes, were eager to conduct business with the barbaric Foranji; on the other hand, the Spanish wished to learn more about China and evangelize the Chinese. Such documents were rich cultural assets for their historical and linguistic value.

Through acquiring image rights and making transcriptions, this Hokkien Spanish Historical Document Series project seeks to publish precious extant Hokkien-Spanish dictionaries and grammar books in the world. These documents included the Dictionario Hispánico-Sinicum held in University of Santo Tomas of the Philippines; the Arte de la Lengua Chio Chiu held in University of Barcelona; the Foranji Huaren Huabu and letters among the Philippine Chinese Manuscripts collected at the Herzog August Library in Germany, the Dictionarium Sino Hispanicum held in Angelica Library in Rome, Italy; and the Bocabulario de lengua sangleya por las letras de el A.B.C. held in the British Library. By publishing these manuscripts, we hope to aid the academic effort of reconstructing the history of Hokkien-Spanish bilateral interaction (and, in some cases, including the Filipinos as the third party) where the exchange of language and culture occurred.

Before this project, as scholars we did not share the same field of research, but with support from the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation, we eventually stepped into this treasury together. We got to meet diligent precursors and companions, and thanks to their generous advices our visions were broadened.

Therefore, regarding the publication of this document series, we must first thank the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation and the Tsao Yung-ho Foundation of Culture and Education for being our major and secondary sponsors, respectively. We are grateful that Dr. Shu-min Huang, Dr. Yi-Long Huang and Dr. Hsueh-chi Hsu were willing to write forewords of recommendation for the series. We must also express our gratitude to the following persons for the guidance and help they offered: Dr. Kuo-hsing Hsieh, Dr. Ying-Chun Tsai, Ms. Tsui-yin Sung, Dr. Kuo-tung Chen, Dr. Kai Zhang, Dr. Xiping Zhang, Dr. Guo-Ping Jin, Dr. Kai-Jian Tang, Dr. Keiichi Uchida, Dr. Chinfa Lien, Dr. Yueh-chin Chang, Dr. Henning Klöter. Dr. Luisa Shu-Ying Chang, Dr. Peter Kang, Dr. Hui-Ling Yang, Dr. Manel Ollé, Dr. Honghôan Sia, Dr. Li-Mei Liu, Dr. Ying Cheng; friends including Dr. Neus Verger Arce, Dr. Marina Ruiz Fragas, Dr. Esther González Pérez, Dr. Wei Jiang, Dr. Ubaldo Iaccarino, Dr. Montserrat Po-Jung Chen, Dr. Chiao-In Chen, Dr. Miguel A. del Rio, Dr. Kuo-Sheng Wu, and Dr. Hung-Yi Chien. They have contributed to this project in various ways, and without them the readers might have to wait for five to ten more years, or even miss the opportunity to witness these valuable documents. As a result, if this series indeed benefited the advance of studies related to Sinology or the history of Hokkien-Spanish exchange of language and culture, we ask the readers to honor these names.

Finally, we are especially grateful to National Tsing-Hua University and the Institute of History, Academia Sinica for providing us excellent research environments and financial support, so that we could publish these precious documents.

Fabio Yuchung Lee, Tsung-jen Chen, Regalado T. José, José Caño Ortigosa

編者 序

此Hokkien Spanish Historical Document Series出版計畫,便是希望將現今世界上珍貴的閩南─西班牙語詞典文法手稿,用取得影像授權或是傳抄的方式,將它們出版。這些文獻分別為菲律賓聖多瑪斯大學《西班牙─華語辭典》 (Dictionario Hispánico-Sinicum),巴塞隆納大學的《漳州話語法》(Arte de la Lengua Chio Chiu),德國沃爾芬比特爾(Wolfenbüttel)的奧斯特公爵圖書館(Herzog August Bibliothek)所藏《奧古斯特公爵圖書館菲律賓唐人手稿》(Philippine Chinese Manuscripts collected at the Herzog August Library)中〈佛郎机化人話簿〉(含草稿)及書信,義大利羅馬安吉利卡圖書館(Bibioteca Angelica)所藏《漢文西班牙語辭典》(Dictionarium Sino Hispanicum),以及大英圖書館所藏《生理人話辭彙按ABC字母編排》(Bocabulario de lengua sangleya por las letras de el A. B. C.)等等。希望這些手稿的出版,將有助於學術界重新建構三個多世紀以來,閩南人與西班牙人雙方面,甚至於與菲律賓人三方,在語言及文化上屬於常民的交流歷史。


因此,這套文獻的出版,首先要感謝蔣經國基金會提供主要的出版經費,以及曹永和基金會贊助部分費用。其次,還要感謝下列人士。除了為這套文獻叢書寫推薦序的黃樹民、黃一農及許雪姬老師外,還有謝國興、蔡英俊、連金發、宋翠英、陳國棟、張鍇、張西平、金國平、湯開建、內田慶市、張月琴、韓可龍、張淑英、康培德、楊慧玲、歐洋安、謝豐帆、劉莉美、鄭縈等教授,以及Neus Verger Arce、Marina Ruiz Fragas、Esther González Pérez、蔣薇、Ubaldo Iaccarino、陳柏蓉、陳巧穎、Miguel A. del Rio、吳國聖、簡宏逸等學友。他們給予我們的指導與幫助,雖然不盡相同,但沒有他們,讀者們肯定是見不到,或是得再延後五到十年才能見到這些珍貴的文獻。因此,如果這套書有助於漢學或閩南與西班牙語言及文化交流史研究的話,請讀者千萬要記得他們的名字。


            李毓中、陳宗仁、Regalado T. José、José L. Caño Ortigosa


Arte de la Lengua Chio Chiu

Foreword by Shu-Min Huang

Foreword by Yi-Long Huang

Foreword by Hsueh-Chi Hsu

Editorial Preface

A Brief Account of Arte de la Lengua Chio Chiu

Tsung-jen Chen, Fabio Yuchung Lee, Chiao-in Chen


Dictionario Hispánico Sinicum

Foreword by Shu-Min Huang

Foreword by Yi-Long Huang

Foreword by Hsueh-Chi Hsu

Editorial Preface

Building Bridges Between Cultures: Those Hokkien vocablary and the Dictionario Hispánico-Sinicum

Regalado Trota José

The Dictionario Hispánico-Sinicum: Some remarks on its historical contexts and lexicographical peculiarities

Henning Klöter

The Dictionario Hispanico Sinicum as a “Memory of the World”

Fabio Yuchung Lee, Tsung-jen Chen, José Caño Ortigosa

Text: Part 1 A to D

Text: Part 2 D to P

Text: Part 3 P to Z