• 孩子的第一本英文日記Diary Book

  • 系列名:樂多寶貝
  • ISBN13:9789869766074
  • 出版社:語樂多
  • 作者:Jennifer Lee
  • 裝訂/頁數:平裝/152頁
  • 規格:23cm*17cm*1.1cm (高/寬/厚)
  • 版次:1
  • 出版日:2019/09/25
  • 中國圖書分類:英語
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1. Daily Experiences 生活趣事
 情境手繪插圖:每篇日記搭配一張全彩手繪插圖,一邊閱讀英文,一邊看情境圖輔助理解。爸爸媽媽也可以和孩子互動,先看圖試著說出圖片傳達的情境。
 英中對照:每篇英文日記附有中文翻譯,讓孩子能對照學習。
2. Vocabulary 單字
3. Think About It 想一想
4. Writing Time 動手寫寫看

Meet Meg, Amy, Kevin, and Ethan and follow them through their summer adventures!


We meet Meg on her last day of school after her teacher gives her a diary as a goodbye gift. Read Meg’s personal diary to learn about making friends, earning and saving money, the responsibilities of having a pet, teamwork and sports, clothes, weather, emotions and much more!


Develop your child’s reading proficiency with this fun collection of Meg’s daily experiences. Your child will learn new vocabulary, build their deduction skills, begin to understand story sequencing, and develop their inference skills. To further reinforce these abilities, each diary entry is followed with a set of important vocabulary words, questions and corresponding answers about each day, and a writing prompt with space to write.


Encourage your child to use at least one word a day outside of reading time. The goal is to get them to incorporate these words into their own lives. Every word is beginner/elementary level vocabulary.


Questions and Answers
The answers provided are full sentences and on the higher elementary level. These are example sentences and should not be copied word for word. Your child will have their own way of writing. It is important to check your child’s answers for story comprehension, rather than grammar and spelling (Although that is important too…but if your own English isn’t good enough to check grammar…don’t worry!) Get your child in the habit of also writing in complete sentences. This may be hard at first, but it will get easier as you go! Most questions cannot be answered with a simple, “yes” or “no,” but if you come across a question that can, have your child explain why they chose their answer.


With the writing prompt, don’t worry too much about checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. The purpose of these writing prompts is to get your child excited to write. Praise their effort. If your child gets stuck, it’s always good to read the diary entry again for ideas since the prompt always relates!


These activities are meant to help guide a parent through at-home lessons. For teachers, each chapter can easily turn into an entire lesson. Come up with your own activities based on each day. For example, in the final entry, Ethan uses the first letter of everyone’s name to make the word “M.A.K.E.” Have students make an acrostic poem with their own name.


Meg is a character that is dear to my heart. She was the spunky little girl I wanted to be when I was younger. In addition to helping your child with their English learning journey, I hope Meg, Amy, Kevin, and Ethan can help teach your child social skills, values, and the importance of being true to themselves. Happy learning!

Jennifer Lee

User’s Guide 使用說明
Preface 作者序

Part 1 Summer Vacation Is Coming! 放暑假了!
DAY 01 The Last Day of School 學校的最後一天
DAY 02 My Best Friend 我最好的朋友
DAY 03 Bad Weather Gone Good 壞天氣變好了
DAY 04 Some Bad News 一些壞消息
DAY 05 Packing My Suitcase 打包我的行李
DAY 06 Tricking Ethan 惡整伊森
DAY 07 A Sunny Picnic 豔陽高照的野餐時光
DAY 08 Building a Fort for a Water-balloon Fight 為水球大戰建一座堡壘
DAY 09 Saying Goodbye 說再見
DAY 10 A Great Idea 一個好主意

Part 2 Meg’s New Business 梅格的新生意
DAY 11 Planning a Treehouse 設計樹屋
DAY 12 Making Money 賺錢
DAY 13 Getting Ready 準備好了
DAY 14 Iced Tea Lemonade Recipe 檸檬冰茶食譜
DAY 15 First Day of My New Business 新生意的第一天
DAY 16 Ethan’s Big Game 伊森的比賽
DAY 17 Playing Soccer 踢足球
DAY 18 Soccer Practice 足球練習
DAY 19 My Decision 我的決定
DAY 20 A Letter from Amy 艾咪的來信

Part 3 A New Friend 一位新朋友
DAY 21 My First Soccer Game 我的第一場足球賽
DAY 22 A Day of Chores 做家事的一天
DAY 23 A New Friend? 一位新朋友?
DAY 24 Ethan 伊森
DAY 25 Lemonade Disaster 檸檬冰茶災難
DAY 26 Bake Sale 糕餅義賣
DAY 27 Soccer Practice 足球練習
DAY 28 Chores, Chores, and More Chores 家事、家事和更多的家事
DAY 29 Ethan’s Big News 伊森的大消息
DAY 30 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 團隊合作讓夢想成真

Part 4 A BIG Surprise 大驚喜
DAY 31 Practice Makes Perfect 熟能生巧
DAY 32 Good Friends 好朋友
DAY 33 The Last Game 最後一場比賽
DAY 34 Kevin 凱文
DAY 35 Walking Kevin 帶凱文散步
DAY 36 Teaching Kevin New Tricks 教凱文新技能
DAY 37 Missing Amy 想念艾咪
DAY 38 Family Vacation 家族旅行
DAY 39 The Beach 海灘
DAY 40 A BIG Surprise 大驚喜