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The Big Book of Belonging
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The Big Book of Belonging is a timely celebration of all the ways that humans are connected with life on planet Earth. With a child, or group of children, at the heart of every beautifully illustrated spread, the book draws parallels between the way humans, plants and animals live and behave. Readers aged 4+ will be delighted to discover that, just as humans have unique fingerprints, zebras each have different stripes, cowrie shells have distinct spots and that no two snowflakes are identical.

They'll be fascinated to learn that instead of using words to communicate, fava beans send chemical messages through their roots, Caribbean reef squid send warnings of danger and even declarations of love by changing colour, and that Tarsiers make calls to one another over the noise of the rainforest that are too high-pitched for predators to hear. By putting children at the heart of the book's concept, Yuval Zommer unites readers of the Big Book series from all corners of the globe under one banner - of belonging to planet Earth. The book's gentle message of caring for nature will pull at the heart strings of readers of all ages and encourage a new generation of environmentalists to flourish.