Plan de Alimentación del Ayuno Intermitente: El plan dietético completo y flexible para perder peso mediante el ayuno intermitente
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Intermittent fasting is one of the most common health and fitness trends in the world right now. It's becoming popular for one reason, according to a well-known research magazine: it works.

Whether you're trying to lose weight or boost your biomarkers for better health, intermittent fasting is a cost-effective way to do both. Fasting isn't about depriving yourself of food; it's more of an eating habit than a diet.

It entails fasting and eating periods that alternate. It's an extremely successful therapeutic strategy that delivers amazing results regardless of diet plan when performed correctly. If you're having trouble with your fitness, weight, or a chronic illness, I am persuaded that this is the most effective intervention available.

Fasting has many advantages, including increased insulin sensitivity, decreased leptin sensitivity, massive fat burning and weight loss, elimination of sugar cravings, improved brain function, increased human growth hormone development, cancer prevention, and much more. This book will give you the resources you need to get started and finish your quick.

You will read, among other things, why fasting is beneficial to your wellbeing.

Different fasting methods and which one is best for you, When do you expect to burn fat while fasting? Myths about fasting, what is the science of fasting? Difference between fasting and hunger? What effect does intermittent fasting have on your sleep? What to drink during a fast, the advantages and disadvantages of fasting, and much more.

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