I'm A Little Scientist Series(Set)
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 針對3-8歲兒童編寫的科學主題故事。
 本書不僅僅是陳述科學事實,而是透過故事帶出科學主題和概念,加上生活中的觀察讓孩子們參與科學。
 包含四頁的建議活動,故事結尾的「科學延伸閱讀」以及擴增實境(AR)元素的互動。

The I’m A Little Scientist Series is aimed at 3–8 year olds. It will introduce children to the wonders of Science through simple, engaging stories that guide them in exploration and discovery. From exploring the world around them and learning about refraction, static electricity, water, and bubbles, this series will engage and empower children to keep being curious, and keep asking questions and finding answers, laying a firm foundation for them to excel in Science as they grow. Four pages of activities are provided at the back of each book and augmented reality (AR) elements are included to ensure maximum engagement, even for reluctant readers!

Series Purpose:
• To engage young readers with simple stories about Science themes, in order for them to discover the wonders of Science and be introduced to basic scientific concepts, laying a firm foundation for them to excel in Science as they grow.

• A series of Science-themed stories for 3–8 year olds
• It will teach science themes and concepts through stories, instead of just through non-fiction facts, i.e., it is not a 101 facts book. it engages kids in science through storytelling
• Contains four pages of suggested activities and further facts at the end of the story and Augmented Reality (AR) elements.