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9781536216820 Maisy at the Farm (精裝操作書)(美國版)(Celebrating 30 Years for Maisy)
Maisy is just right for toddlers—her bold world, full of familiar touchstones, is as comforting and colorful as birthday cake!

Both new fans and devoted friends will love to join Maisy on her trip to the farm. There’s so much to do! There are tabs to pull and flaps to lift, and children can help Maisy collect eggs, ride the horses, feed the lambs, and drive the tractor. As always, the amazing Maisy means crayon-bright fun for the very young.

9781536216813 Happy Birthday, Maisy (精裝操作書)(美國版)
From their tactile matte-and-gloss covers to the brief guidelines for parents on the back, these lift-the-flap, pull-the-tab favorites are sure to have instant appeal for both Maisy fans and grown-ups who love them.

9781536212938 Letters from Maisy (美國版) (with 6 letters, presents, and surprises!)
Maisy is on vacation, and she’s sending mail to all her friends! Readers will be thrilled to open her letters and find surprises inside.

Join Maisy on an exciting journey as she travels through the mountains, visits a market, rows a boat along the river, has fun at a fair, and relaxes on the beach. As part of each adventure, Maisy sends a letter to a friend — and to her fans! Included are six real envelopes containing postcards, games, souvenirs, and more.

9780763692483 Maisy's Christmas Presents (精裝操作書)(美國版)
A merry novelty book invites little ones to celebrate Christmas with Maisy and friends. What kinds of Christmas gifts has Maisy brought for her friends Eddie, Charley, Tallulah, and Cyril? With the lift of a flap or the pull of a tab, children uncover each surprise. As for Maisy’s present, they can help pick it out themselves with the turn of a wheel. And in true holiday spirit, Maisy has tucked a little something extra in a final fold as a gift to her readers.