Shards of Unity
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Enter a vision of the world faced with the end of its hubris. This flowing but evocative story of a near future where humanity has never been entirely alone in the multiverse will hook you in until you've read it through and through. Explore different concepts of the xeno, alternative paths for technology, and the intersection of all of these things with the unbound potential of the human mind. Living, breathing characters will leave you wanting more as they face conflict and find resolutions, as they seek love and commit to battle.

How secure is our technology? How confident should we be of the constants of this universe? This is a story of the Earth eclipsed, conquered almost without a fight. Drawn in to become just another Realm in a worlds-spanning polity beyond Terran knowledge . . . save perhaps in myth. We may even have brought this on ourselves . . .

The story is told from the perspective of women and a man confronted with this overwhelming new reality. See worlds through their eyes as they cast their fates to chance and walk their paths seeking to bring their own triumphs from the great defeat.

All this against a background of daily lives and the daily struggles and problems of life, human or otherwise. Laugh and love with our characters, fight and mourn with them. Follow a protagonist encountering crises buried within many of us, writ large for the story but real nonetheless, forced to make questionable choices when the alternatives may be even worse.

Welcome to the Center of Unity.