The Arcs, 1: Book One of the New Moon Trilogy
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There are big plans for a small town in Nevada. When a world famous architect is commissioned to design a completely enclosed city, he hires a young apprentice named Burke Isadore to translate his sketches into a three-dimensional computer model. The ambitious project is called New Moon City.
Burke has promised himself to make a difference in the world. He sees the new city's design as a solution to environmental degradation, homelessness and isolation. But his youthful idealism leaves him with a blind spot to the intentions of others who are using the project to further their own goals, contradictory to the original vision.
To complicate matters, there are some long-term employees of the master architect who are not well suited to the challenge of building the city. It falls to Burke to resolve an issue caused by their foolish antics.
Burke meets a newspaper reporter named Aliyah Estrella who questions the entire premise of the enclosed city, known as an arcology. She thinks she would feel trapped inside a giant anthill if she were forced to live there. She also knows the local ranchers are not happy with the project, but some of her articles in the small-town newspaper raise the hackles of the powerful people behind the construction of New Moon City.
The Arcs is the first book of The New Moon Trilogy. It examines the power and endurance of a promise over generations, as it follows the thread of one man's word through the tapestry of time.