1.The Semantics of Dynamic Space in French ― Descriptive, Experimental and Formal Studies on Motion Expression

作者:Michel Aurnague (EDT); Dejan Stosic (EDT)  出版社:John Benjamins Pub Co  出版日:2019/07/15 裝訂:精裝

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2.Time and Emergence in Grammar ― Dislocation, Topicalization and Hanging Topic in French Talk-in-interaction

作者:Simona Pekarek Doehler; Elwys De Stefani; Anne-sylvie Horlacher  出版社:John Benjamins Pub Co  出版日:2015/10/15 裝訂:精裝

This monograph examines how language contributes to the social coordination of actions in talk-in-interaction. Focusing on a set of frequently used constructions in French (left-dislocation, right-dis

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3.Impersonals and Other Agent Defocusing Constructions in French

作者:Michel Achard  出版社:John Benjamins Pub Co  出版日:2015/01/15 裝訂:精裝

This book investigates French impersonals as a functional category. Any structure whose agent is defocused and whose predicate describes a situation stable enough to be generally available should be c

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4.The Past Tense in Polish and French ― A Semantic Approach to Translation

作者:Magdalena Karolak  出版社:Peter Lang Pub Inc  出版日:2013/08/15 裝訂:平裝

Karolak (humanities and social sciences, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd U., Saudi Arabia) has revised her PhD dissertation in linguistics at the University of Silesia and translated it from the original Pol

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5.Constructions in French

作者:Myriam Bouveret (EDT); Dominique Legallois (EDT)  出版社:John Benjamins Pub Co  出版日:2012/12/19 裝訂:精裝

The book Constructions in French is the first collected volume to focus on French syntax from a constructionist perspective. It has been written with two kinds of readers in mind: for readers interest

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6.Reflexive Marking in the History of French

作者:Richard Waltereit  出版社:John Benjamins Pub Co  出版日:2012/06/19 裝訂:精裝

While French reflexive clitics have been widely studied, other forms of expressing co-reference within the clause have not received much attention. This monograph offers a diachronic study of the wide

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7.Practice Makes Perfect The French Subjunctive Up Close

作者:ANNIE HEMINWAY  出版社:Mcgraw-Hill; Inc.  出版日:2011/09/01

Solve the mysteries of French subjunctivesPractice Makes Perfect: The French Subjunctive Up Close puts the spotlight on this tricky grammar trouble spot. It boasts plenty of opportunities for practici

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8.Adverbials and the Phase Model

作者:Petr Biskup  出版社:John Benjamins Pub Co  出版日:2011/05/18 裝訂:精裝

This monograph addresses two issues, phases and adverbials. It proposes that there is a correlation between the phase structure, the tripartite quantificational structure and the information structure

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9.The Grammar of French Quantification

作者:Lena Baunaz  出版社:Springer Verlag  出版日:2011/04/09 裝訂:精裝

This book is the first extensive study on French Quantification in the field of Syntax. It provides a typology of four main quantified noun phrases in French (existential, universal, negative and wh-)

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10.French Anticausatives ― A Diachronic Perspective

作者:Steffen Heidinger  出版社:De Gruyter  出版日:2010/09/16 裝訂:精裝

This book describes several selected aspects of the diachromc development of French anticausatives, emphasizing the relation between the two format types of anticausative verbs in French, the reflexiv

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11.French Grammar in Context

作者:Margaret Jubb; Annie Rouxeville  出版社:Oxford Univ Pr PBKUOXFX  出版日:2010/05/30

`A first-rate grammar workbook, with judicious choice of authentic texts and excellent explanations and exercises - I'm recommending it to all my colleagues.' Professor Jim Coleman, University of Port

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12.The Acquisition of French ― The Development of Inflectional Morphology and Syntax in L1 Acquisition, Bilingualism, and L2 Acquisition

作者:Philippe Prevost  出版社:John Benjamins Pub Co  出版日:2009/12/17 裝訂:精裝

This book presents a thorough description of morphosyntactic knowledge developed by learners of French in four different learning situations — first language (L1) acquisition, second (L2) language acq

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13.French Dislocation ― Interpretation, Syntax, Acquisition

作者:Cecile De Cat  出版社:Oxford Univ Press USA  出版日:2009/08/31 裝訂:平裝

The pervasive use of dislocations (as in Le chocolat, c'est bon) is a key characteristic of spoken French. This book offers various new and well-motivated insights, based on tests conducted by the aut

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14.The Layered DP ― Form and Meaning of French Indefinites

作者:Tabea Ihsane  出版社:John Benjamins Pub Co  出版日:2008/09/30 裝訂:精裝

Her pondering on French simple noun phrases having led her deeper into complexity and ever wider in extent, Ihsane (U of Geneva.) narrowed her focus here to indefinite noun phrases with the indefinite

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15.Teaching French Grammar in Context: Theory and Practice

作者:Stacey L. Katz; Carl S. Blyth  出版社:Yale Univ Pr  出版日:2007/10/28

?Something needs to be done about grammar.”? Katz and Blyth have written this book with the hope of changing the way French instructors teach and conceive of grammar. Intended to help teachers and tea

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16.Succeeding With French Grammar—Easy Learning Step by Step

作者:Talia Bachir; Isabel Langenbach (CON)  出版社:Barrons Educational Series Inc  出版日:2007/09/01 裝訂:平裝

Offers twelve lessons on the main points of French grammar, with dialogues, exercises, and practice tests.

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17.The Syntax of French

作者:Paul Rowlett  出版社:Cambridge Univ Pr  出版日:2007/04/30 裝訂:平裝

French is a syntactically interesting language, with aspects of its word order and clause structure triggering a variety of important developments in syntactic theory. This is a concise and accessible

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18.French Applied Linguistics

作者:Dalila Ayoun (EDT)  出版社:John Benjamins Pub Co  出版日:2007/01/31 裝訂:精裝

This state-of-the-art volume on French Applied Linguistics includes two introductory chapters, the first summarizes the past, present and future of French in applied linguistics, and the second review

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19.Oral Narration in Modern French

作者:Janice Carruthers  出版社:David Brown Book Co  出版日:2005/12/01 裝訂:精裝

Storytelling is a universal human activity and oral narration — particularly modern ‘conversational’ narration such as anecdotes or personal stories — has long been fertile ground for linguists workin

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20.Gender, Politeness and Pragmatic Particles in French

作者:Kate Beeching  出版社:John Benjamins Pub Co  出版日:2003/03/01 裝訂:精裝

This study aims to investigate politeness in women’s and men’s speech, with a particular focus on the use of c’est-à-dire, enfin, hein and quoi in contemporary spoken French. Politeness is defined as

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