1.Hyphenated Techniques in Speciation Analysis

作者:J. Szpunar; R. Lobinski (EDT); J. Szpunar (EDT); R. Lobinski  出版社:Royal Society of Chemistry  出版日:2004/02/01 裝訂:精裝

Speciation analysis is a field of trace element analytical chemistry that deals with detection, identification and determination of individual chemical forms of metals and metalloids. There has been i

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2.Laser in Environmental and Life Sciences ― Modern Analytical Methods

作者:Peter Hering; J. P. Lay (EDT); Sandra Stry (EDT); Peter Hering (EDT); J. P. Lay; Sandra Stry  出版社:Springer Verlag  出版日:2003/11/01 裝訂:精裝

This comprehensive reference work illustrates the state of the art of laser-induced analytical methods in environmental and life sciences via an interdisciplinary approach. Ky techniques for remote se

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3.Qualitative Analysis and the Properties of Ions in Aqueous Solution

作者:Emil J. Slowinski; William L. Masterton  出版社:PBKCOLEB  出版日:1990/02/01

This inexpensive qualitative analysis supplement offers maximum flexibility and can accompany general chemistry texts. Works well with any general chemistry text, where the instructor wants more qual

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