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1.Lady M ― The Life and Loves of Elizabeth Lamb, Viscountess Melbourne 1751-1818

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Amberley Pub Plc  出版日:2019/07/01

Nicknamed "Lady M" by Byron, Elizabeth Milbanke, Viscountess Melbourne, rose above all adversity, using sex and her husband’s wealth to hold court among such glittering figures as Geor

定價:593元   優惠價: 9534

2.Operation Big ― The Race to Stop Hitler's A-bomb

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Amberley Pub Plc  出版日:2018/11/15

Marcial Echenique, a Cambridge professor, recently became curious when he found wiring concealed under the floorboards of his country mansion, Farm Hall. In April 1945, Farm Hall housed 10 of Germany&

定價:523元   優惠價: 9471


3.The Quests of the Historical Jesus

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Bloomsbury T & T Clark  出版日:2018/09/20

Jesus of Nazareth ranks among the most important figures in history. Yet there is no common agreement about his identity. It is generally accepted that there were three quests of the historical Jesu

定價:4725元   優惠價: 94253


4.Lady M ― The Life and Loves of Elizabeth Lamb 1751-1818

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Amberley Pub Plc  出版日:2018/08/01

At a time of emerging women leaders, the life of Elizabeth Milbanke, Viscountess Melbourne, the shrewdest political hostess of the Georgian period, is particularly intriguing. It was Byron who called

定價:978元   優惠價: 9880


5.Operation Big ― The Race to Stop Hitler's A-bomb

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Amberley Pub Plc  出版日:2017/05/01

"We ourselves were almost awestruck, not so much at the power of the Bomb, for this we had expected, but because the Americans had used it with so little notice." —R. V. Jones, head of wartime British

定價:803元   優惠價: 9723


6.Operation Big ― The Race to Stop Hitler's A-bomb

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Amberley Pub Plc  出版日:2016/06/19

Written in an accessible narrative style for general readers and war buffs, this history also has enough detail to interest scholars of WWII history. The book tells the story of the Alsos mission at e

定價:1223元   優惠價: 91101


7.Scum of the Earth ― What Happened to the Real British Heroes of Waterloo?

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Trafalgar Square  出版日:2015/08/01

Debunking popular myths, this is a cold, hard look at the infamous battle itself and its aftermath—just in time for the 200th anniversary of the battleThis book follows the men Wellington called just

定價:1328元   優惠價: 91195


8.Outside the Camp ― The Wisdom, Humility, and Power of the Church

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Author Solutions  出版日:2013/09/26

定價:418元   優惠價: 9376


9.Outside the Camp ― The Wisdom, Humility, and Power of the Church

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Author Solutions  出版日:2013/09/26

定價:1013元   優惠價: 9912


10.Christianity and Western Thought

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Intervarsity Pr  出版日:2010/04/01

From Socrates and the Sophists to Kant, from Augustine to Aquinas and the Reformers, Colin Brown traces the turbulent, often tension filled, always fascmating story of the thinkers, ideastand movement

定價:1120元   優惠價: 91008


11.Jesus in European Protestant Thought 1778-1860

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Lightning Source Inc  出版日:2008/02/28

定價:875元   優惠價: 9788


12.Miracles and the Critical Mind

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Lightning Source Inc  出版日:2006/10/31

定價:840元   優惠價: 9756


13.A Short History of Indonesia: The Unlikely Nation

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Allen & Unwin  出版日:2004/03/01

This succinct work of history charts the growth of Indonesia, a remarkable nation of more than 6,000 inhabited islands. With lucid originality, the text incorporates more than 2 million years of histo

定價:838元   優惠價: 9754


14.Philosophy and the Christian Faith ─ A Historical Sketch from the Middle Ages to the Present Day

作者:Colin Brown  出版社:Intervarsity Pr  出版日:1980/06/01

Colin Brown surveys the thought of over four hundred philosophers from the Middle Ages to the present day. This clear and concise guide shows how various thinkers and ideas have affected Christian bel

定價:980元   優惠價: 9882


15.The Cult of the Hyper-worm

作者:Colin Litten-brown  出版社:Author Solutions  出版日:2015/09/14

定價:1157元   優惠價: 91041


16.The Legend of the Hyper-Worm

作者:Colin Litten-brown  出版社:Textstream  出版日:2012/03/27

His relationship in tatters and heading for self-destruction, William Corder feels as if he has no purpose in life. Little does he know that across the galaxy alien beings are taking a strong interest

定價:974元   優惠價: 9877


17.The Warriors of Atopia

作者:Colin Litten-brown  出版社:Textstream  出版日:2011/06/23

定價:958元   優惠價: 9862


18.The Legacy Conspiracy

作者:Colin Litten-brown  出版社:Textstream  出版日:2011/04/04

定價:958元   優惠價: 9862


19.Williams' Wonder Wax

作者:Colin Litten-brown  出版社:Authorhouse  出版日:2010/09/07

定價:720元   優惠價: 9648


20.The Gates of Atopia

作者:Colin Litten-brown  出版社:Authorhouse  出版日:2010/09/02

定價:720元   優惠價: 9648