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1.Walden and Civil Disobedience 湖濱散記&公民不服從

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:William Collins UK  出版日:2018/07/26

HarperCollins is proud to present its incredible range of best-loved, essential classics. “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see

定價:150元   優惠價: 6699



作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:The Collector's Library UK  出版日:2016/10/06 裝訂:精裝

Henry David Thoreau is considered one of the leading figures in early American literature, and Walden is without doubt his most influential book. It recounts the author's experiences living in a small

定價:549元   優惠價: 73399


3.Cape Cod

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Dover Pubns  出版日:2004/03/19 裝訂:平裝

The great naturalist recounts his experiences during a series of beach-combing walking trips around Cape Cod in the early 1850s. His compelling account of the region's plants, animals, topography, wea

定價:313元   優惠價: 5157


4.A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Dover Pubns  出版日:2001/11/09 裝訂:平裝

Classic of American literature not only vividly narrates a boat trip Thoreau took with his brother in 1839 but also contains thought-provoking observations on literature, philosophy, Native American a

定價:210元   優惠價: 5105


5.Walden or Life in the Woods and "Civil Disobedience"

作者:Henry David Thoreau; W. S. Merwin (INT); William Howarth (AFT)  出版社:Penguin Group USA  出版日:2012/07/03 裝訂:平裝

Brings to life Thoreau's classic account of his experiment in simple living at Walden Pond near Concord, Massachusetts, and is accompanied by “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience,” a protest against gov

定價:208元   優惠價: 79164



作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Dover Pubns  出版日:2019/09/18 裝訂:平裝

定價:173元   優惠價: 79137



作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Arcturus UK  出版日:2018/04/15 裝訂:平裝

In Walden, Thoreau offers apositive and insightful look at human solitude and the natural world. Detailing his experiences of life at Walden Pond, Thoreau's fascinating look at human solitude and the

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303


8.Canoeing in the Wilderness

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Gibbs Smith  出版日:2018/03/06 裝訂:精裝

Thoreau’s famous trip through the Maine Woods reissued to entertain, encourage, and inspire contemporary naturalists.Thoreau paints the woods and waterways of Maine with the same loving hand that desc

定價:525元   優惠價: 79415


9.The Illustrated Walden ― Or, Life in the Woods

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Sterling Pub Co Inc  出版日:2018/03/06 裝訂:精裝

A beautiful illustrated edition of Thoreau’s classic treatise on man and nature. “Our life is frittered away by detail. . . . Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” Henry David Thoreau

定價:698元   優惠價: 9628


10.Walden, and on the Duty of Civil Disobedience

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Createspace Independent Pub  出版日:2017/12/31 裝訂:平裝

In the early spring of 1845, Henry David Thoreau built and lived in a cabin near the shore of Walden Pond in rural Massachusetts. For the next two years, he enacted his own Transcendentalist experimen

定價:788元   優惠價: 9709



作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Amazonclassics  出版日:2017/07/18 裝訂:平裝

At Walden Pond, Henry David Thoreau reflected on simpler living in the natural world. By removing himself from the distractions of materialism, Thoreau hoped to not only improve his spiritual life but

定價:245元   優惠價: 79194


12.Walden or Life in the Woods

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Createspace Independent Pub  出版日:2017/01/31 裝訂:平裝

A reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings. The work is part personal declaration of independence, social experiment, voyage of spiritual discovery, satire, and manual for self-reliance.

定價:396元   優惠價: 9356


13.The Illustrated Walden ― Thoreau Bicentennial Edition

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Tarcherperigree  出版日:2016/10/25 裝訂:精裝

To coincide with the bicentennial of Thoreau's birth and TarcherPerigee's publication ofExpect Great Things: The Life of Henry David Thoreau, here is a sumptuous rediscovery edition of the first illus

定價:770元   優惠價: 9693


14.A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Createspace Independent Pub  出版日:2016/09/11 裝訂:平裝

CONCORD RIVER."Beneath low hills, in the broad interval Through which at will our Indian rivulet Winds mindful still of sannup and of squaw, Whose pipe and arrow oft the plough unburies, Here, in pine

定價:720元   優惠價: 9648


15.Wild Apples

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Createspace Independent Pub  出版日:2016/08/05 裝訂:平裝

Wild ApplesBy Henry David Thoreau

定價:261元   優惠價: 9235


16.Walden and Civil Disobedience

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Createspace Independent Pub  出版日:2016/05/20 裝訂:平裝

Walden and Civil Disobedience Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862) Walden Walden (first published as Walden; or, Life in the Woods), by noted transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau, is a reflection upon

定價:338元   優惠價: 9304


17.Civil Disobedience

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Createspace Independent Pub  出版日:2016/04/20 裝訂:平裝

Civil Disobedience written by Henry David Thoreau is an essay that was first published in 1849. While Henry David Thoreau was considered a transcendentalist, his work writings encompasses social scien

定價:313元   優惠價: 9282



作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Pgw Promotional  出版日:2016/03/15 裝訂:平裝

Oft-quoted transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau is perhaps best known for his bookWalden. First published in 1854, Walden documents the time Thoreau spent living in a hand-built cabin in the woods ne

定價:525元   優惠價: 79415


19.Walden & Civil Disobedience

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Wordsworth Editions Ltd  出版日:2016/02/01 裝訂:平裝

No nineteenth-century American writer can claim to be as modern as Henry David Thoreau. His central preoccupations - the illusory nature of much of what we call 'progress', the proper symbiotic relati

定價:219元   優惠價: 73160


20.Autumnal Tints

作者:Henry David Thoreau  出版社:Createspace Independent Pub  出版日:2016/01/22 裝訂:平裝

"But see the fading many-colored woods, Shade deepening over shade, the country round Imbrown; a crowded umbrage, dusk and dun, Of every hue, from wan declining green to sooty dark.

定價:270元   優惠價: 9243