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1.Genesis to Jesus ─ Journey Through Scripture

作者:Scott Hahn; Kimberly Hahn  出版社:Franciscan Media  出版日:2011/03/01 裝訂:平裝

Participant Workbook Revised and reformatted! Genesis to Jesus opens the door to deeper understanding of Scripture for all Catholics, especially those who find reading the Bible a daunting task. T

定價:455元   優惠價: 9410


2.Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism

作者:Scott Hahn; Kimberly Hahn  出版社:Ignatius Pr  出版日:1993/08/01

The well-known and very popular Catholic couple, Scott and Kimberly Hahn, have been constantly travelling and speaking all over North America for the last few years about their conversion to the Catho

定價:593元   優惠價: 9534


3.The Fourth Cup ─ Unlocking the Secrets of the Last Supper and the Cross

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Image Books  出版日:2018/02/13 裝訂:精裝

From the bestselling author of The Lamb's Supper and Signs of Life comes an illuminating work on the Catholic Eucharist and its link to the Jewish Passover meal.Well-known Catholic theologian Dr. Scot

定價:805元   優惠價: 79636


4.Consuming the World ─ The New Testament and the Eucharist in the Early Church

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Random House Inc  出版日:2013/05/28 裝訂:精裝

From the bestselling author of The Lamb's Supper and Signs of Life comes an illuminating work that unlocks the many mysteries of the Catholic sacrament of the Eucharist.

定價:805元   優惠價: 79636


5.Lenten Reflections from a Father Who Keeps His Promises

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Franciscan Media  出版日:2012/10/24 裝訂:平裝

From Genesis to Jesus, these Lenten reflections based on A Father Who Keeps His Promises highlight biblical characters such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David that lead us to Christ and his sacr

定價:560元   優惠價: 9504


6.The Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Baker Pub Group  出版日:2012/03/01 裝訂:平裝

Bestselling author and theologian Scott Hahn views the author of Chronicles as the first biblical theologian. Chronicles offers the first attempt to understand and interpret the entire sweep of Old Te

定價:1260元   優惠價: 91134


7.The Gospel According to Saint Mark

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Ignatius Pr  出版日:2012/02/28 裝訂:平裝

Based on the Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition, this volume leads readers through a penetrating study of the Gospel of Mark, using the biblical text itself and the Church's own guidelines fo

定價:418元   優惠價: 9376


8.The Gospel According to Saint John—Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Ignatius Pr  出版日:2012/01/01 裝訂:平裝

Large format, featuring large text size and additional margin space for personal annotations! The larger format enhances both individual and group study.Based on the Revised Standard Version - Catholi

定價:418元   優惠價: 9376


9.Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace: My Spiritual Journey in Opus Dei

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Doubleday  出版日:2011/03/30 裝訂:精裝

A deeply personal introduction to the biblical theology and spirituality of Opus Dei by the bestselling Catholic author Scott Hahn.To conspiracy theorists, Opus Dei is a highly secretive and powerful

定價:700元   優惠價: 79553


10.The Lamb's Supper

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Image Books  出版日:2010/11/02

In The Lamb’s Supper, Scott Hahn connects the Catholic Mass with the early Christians’ understanding of the New Testament’s Book of Revelation, explaining that the mystical visions of heaven found in

定價:455元   優惠價: 79359


11.Many Are Called: Rediscovering the Glory of the Priesthood

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Doubleday  出版日:2010/06/01 裝訂:精裝

"No one sees the beauty, the burdens, and the greatness of the priesthood more clearly than the lay faithful who find Jesus Christ through the service of their priests. So it makes perfect sense that

定價:525元   優惠價: 79415


12.Signs of Life ─ 40 Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Doubleday  出版日:2009/11/03 裝訂:精裝

Scott Hahn, the bestselling author of The Lamb’s Supper and Reasons to Believe, celebrates the touchstones of the Catholic life, guiding readers to a deeper faith through the Church’s rites, customs,

定價:840元   優惠價: 79664


13.Covenant and Communion: The Biblical Theology of Pope Benedict XVI

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Brazos Pr  出版日:2009/10/01 裝訂:精裝

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's election as Pope Benedict XVI brought a world-class biblical theologian to the papacy. There is an intensely biblical quality to his pastoral teaching and he has demonstra

定價:855元   優惠價: 9770


14.A Pocket Guide to St. Paul

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Our Sunday Visitor  出版日:2008/12/26

定價:243元   優惠價: 9219


15.Faith Charts St. Paul at a Glance

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Our Sunday Visitor  出版日:2008/12/15

定價:278元   優惠價: 9250


16.Faith Charts: The Bible at a Glance

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Our Sunday Visitor  出版日:2008/07/10

定價:313元   優惠價: 9282


17.Reasons to Believe: How to Understand, Explain, And Defend the Catholic Faith

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Doubleday  出版日:2007/05/08 裝訂:精裝

This book unravels mysteries, corrects misunderstandings, and offers thoughtful, straightforward responses to common objections about the Catholic faith.Bestselling author Scott Hahn, a convert to Ca

定價:840元   優惠價: 79664


18.Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace: The Spirituality Journey in Opus Dei

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Doubleday  出版日:2006/09/26 裝訂:精裝

To conspiracy theorists, Opus Dei is a highly secretive and powerful international organization. To its members, however, Opus Dei is a spiritual path, a way of incorporating the teachings of Jesus in

定價:768元   優惠價: 79607


19.First Comes Love: Finding Your Family in the Church And the Trinity

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Image Books  出版日:2006/09/19

Scott Hahn has the rare ability to explain the essential teachings of Catholicism in a totally accessible manner. Rather than burdening the reader with difficult or arcane references and arguments, he

定價:525元   優惠價: 79415


20.Hail, Holy Queen ─ The Mother of God in the Word of God

作者:Scott Hahn  出版社:Image Books  出版日:2006/09/19

A fresh and enlightening new perspective on Mary, Mother of God, and her central importance in the Christian faith, from the author of the highly successful The Lamb's Supper.In The Lamb's Supper, Cat

定價:560元   優惠價: 79442