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1.Auggie 10" Soft Toy (奇蹟男孩奧吉玩偶)

作者:R. J. Palacio;Yottoy  出版社:Yottoy  裝訂:袋裝

Complete with yellow shorts, blue lace-up sneakers, and a silver star on his red knit shirt, Auggie Soft Toy is a WONDER-ful rendition of the popular hero from R.J. Palacio’s best-selling book series.

定價:805元   優惠價: 9725

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2.Greg Pizzoli Watermelon Seed/Good Night Owl 有聲套組(1平裝有聲書+2組玩偶)

作者:Greg Pizzoli;Yottoy  出版社:Disney Pr  裝訂:有聲書

The Watermelon Seed Soft Toy 8"H (小鱷魚玩偶)規格 20.3公分(高)Owl and Noise Soft Toy Pair (8"x5")規格 Owl Sofy Toy: 20.3(cm)/Noise Soft Toy: 12.7(cm)Watermelon Seed / Good Night Owl 2-in-1 (1平裝+1CD)(9781368039338

定價:2240元   優惠價: 791770

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3.The Watermelon Seed Soft Toy 8"H (小鱷魚玩偶)

作者:Yottoy;Greg Pizzoli  出版社:Yottoy  裝訂:袋裝

Greg Pizzoli’s crowd-pleaser, The Watermelon Seed, comes alive with YOTTOY’s Kroc! Sitting upright in the softest velour with arms outstretched, Kroc’s pink felt tongue and wide-toothed smile are a su

定價:980元   優惠價: 9882

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4.Bus Soft Toy 10"x10" (公車玩偶)(25.4*25.4公分)

作者:Yottoy; Mo Willems  出版社:Yottoy  裝訂:袋裝

Pleading Pigeon has a prominent seat on our Bus Soft Toy, and other Mo Willems' characters make cameo appearances as appliques in the front and side windows. This bus is a perfect playtime companion w

定價:1050元   優惠價: 9945

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5.The Pigeon and Duckling Finger Puppets (鴿子&小鴨手指玩偶)

作者:Yottoy; Mo Willems  出版社:Yottoy  裝訂:盒裝

Great friends come in small packages! The Pigeon and Duckling Finger Puppets inspire creative interactive play as an adorable duo, handmade of sewn tricot with screen-printed eyes, felt wings and beak

定價:455元   優惠價: 9410


6.Pigeon Book 淘氣鴿子+公車玩偶套組 (共7本美國版精裝本+1公車玩偶)

作者:Yottoy; Mo Willems  出版社:弘雅經銷  裝訂:精裝

故事的主角,是一隻頑皮的鴿子,在Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus (別讓鴿子開巴士)中,一心夢想自己能開公車的鴿子,千方百計,苦苦哀求,希望能開公車。從畫面的安排與對話,滿滿的互動元素,若與小孩一起共讀,邊讀邊演,想必非常有趣。此套書包含以下七本精裝本+一隻公車玩偶:Bus Soft Toy 10"x10" (公車玩偶)商品規格 25.4*25.4公分The P

定價:5215元   優惠價: 94694


7.Pigeon 11.5" Soft Toy (鴿子玩偶)(高29.2公分)

作者:Yottoy;Mo Willems  出版社:Yottoy  裝訂:袋裝

Our Pigeon, from Caldecott Honor Award Winning Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, has a bean-filled body of soft chenille with embroidered eyes, and velour feet and legs. Squeeze Pigeon and hear him

定價:980元   優惠價: 9882

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8.Elephant & Piggie Finger Puppets (指偶)

作者:Mo Willem;Yottoy  出版社:Yottoy  裝訂:袋裝

Great friends come in small packages! Mo Willems' beloved Elephant and Piggie are taking playtime to the next level as fun-sized finger puppets! Packaged together, this dynamic duo is handmade of soft

定價:455元   優惠價: 9410

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9.Duckling 8" Soft Toy (小鴨玩偶)(高20.3公分)

作者:Yottoy; Mo Willems  出版社:Yottoy  裝訂:袋裝

Duckling stars in her own book, The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?... Will Pigeon be jealous? Duckling shows Pigeon he can turn a potential recipe for disaster into a sweet turn of events. This darling duck

定價:560元   優惠價: 9504


10.Elephant and Piggie 全系列25本精裝本+玩偶一組

作者:Yottoy; Mo Willems  出版社:Disney Pr  裝訂:精裝

暢銷作家Mo Willems(別讓鴿子開公車的作家)的系列作品,本本精彩有趣、仔細看完絕對讓你彭腹大笑哦! 作者利用簡潔幽默的表現風格、淺白文字,與富有表現力的插圖,創造出生動可愛的主題人物~大象Gerald 和 Piggie的趣味故事。搭配 大象 Gerald 和 Piggie 的故事偶,吸引孩子的目光,幫助呈現故事活潑有趣的一面。套書包含:1. 全系列25本精裝本,附金屬書檔2. 大象與小豬玩

定價:6300元   優惠價: 95670

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11.奇蹟男孩Wonder 電影小說套組 (1平裝本+1奧吉玩偶)

作者:R. J. Palacio;Yottoy  出版社:Random House US  裝訂:平裝

Auggie 10" Soft Toy (奇蹟男孩奧吉玩偶)規格:25.4cm*12.7cm (高/寬)Movie Tie-In Edition Includes:A Full-Color Photo InsertAn Introduction by Director Stephen ChboskyAn Afterword by R. J. PalacioA Behind-the-scenes L

定價:1155元   優惠價: 91040

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12.Elephant 7" & Piggie 5" Soft Toys (大象小豬玩偶一組)

作者:Yottoy; Mo Willems  出版社:Yottoy  裝訂:袋裝

暢銷作家Mo Willems(別讓鴿子開公車的作家)的系列作品,本本精彩有趣、仔細看完絕對讓你彭腹大笑哦! 作者利用簡潔幽默的表現風格、淺白文字,與富有表現力的插圖,創造出生動可愛的主題人物~大象Gerald 和 Piggie的趣味故事。 搭配 大象 Gerald 和 Piggie 的故事偶,吸引孩子的目光,幫助老師呈現故事活潑有趣的一面。Elephant measures 7"H, Piggie

定價:1050元   優惠價: 9945

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13.Maisy in Pajamas Soft Toy 8.5" (波波玩偶)

作者:Yottoy  出版社:Yottoy  裝訂:袋裝

Maisy brings a soft fleece sleeping bag rolled up and tucked under her arm, and her very own Panda - prepared for her first sleepover with you. Dressed in her bright blue and orange polka-dotted fleec

定價:700元   優惠價: 9630