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1.LEGO Minifigure A Visual History New Edition: With exclusive LEGO spaceman minifigure! (英國版)

作者:Gregory Farshtey;Daniel Lipkowitz;Simon Hugo  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2020/10/01 裝訂:精裝

Celebrate the epic journey of the LEGO (R) minifigure. Features an exclusive orange spaceman!Enter the world of minifigures with this fully updated edition. The first minifigure was created in 1978, a

定價:1650元   優惠價: 791304


2.English for Everyone Junior: Beginner's Course

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2020/04/28 裝訂:平裝

This beautifully illustrated language course is the perfect introduction to English vocabulary and grammar for children aged 6-9. English for Everyone Junior: Beginner's Course provides children with

定價:824元   優惠價: 79651


3.LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition: with Exclusive Minifigure (英國版)

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2019/04/04 裝訂:精裝

Explore the LEGO® Star Wars™ galaxy with this visual guide to the minifigures, vehicles, and sets from the entire Star Wars saga. Discover every detail of the Millennium Falcon, look around the Death

定價:989元   優惠價: 79781


4.Marvel Encyclopedia New Edition

作者:Stan Lee ; DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2019/04/04 裝訂:精裝

"[A] book that mankind has been hungering for, a book that is-now and forever-a shining beacon of wonder, a titanic tribute to talent unleashed" - Stan Lee.Discover the essential facts about Marvel Co

定價:1925元   優惠價: 791521


5.My Best-Ever Pop-Up Noisy Train Book

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2017/10/05 裝訂:硬頁書

The perfect introduction to the world of trains for preschoolers, complete with 8 enticing pop-up flaps and 1 incredible sound button. Learn more about steam trains, underground trains and double-deck

定價:714元   優惠價: 79564


6.German English Bilingual Visual Dictiona

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2017/03/30 裝訂:平裝

The German English Bilingual Visual Dictionary is your essential vocabulary guide to the world around you. With over 10,000 fully illustrated terms arranged by theme, language learning has never been

定價:494元   優惠價: 79390


7.Bugs Ultimate Sticker Book

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2016/06/01 裝訂:平裝

定價:219元   優惠價: 79173


8.Disney Pixar Finding Dory Essential Guide

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2016/05/01 裝訂:精裝

Dive into the world of Finding Dory and discover everything you ever wanted to know about this new fishy tale! Finding Dory: The Essential Guide is the perfect partner for Disney Pixar's exciting new

定價:549元   優惠價: 5275


9.Disney Pixar Finding Nemo The Essential Guide 2nd Edition

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2016/03/01 裝訂:精裝

Finding Nemo: The Essential Guide takes you deep into the world of Disney Pixar's award-winning movie, Finding Nemo. Combining DK's best-selling Finding Nemo: The Essential Guide and Finding Nemo: Ult

定價:549元   優惠價: 5275


10.Growl! Howl! Animals

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2015/10/01 裝訂:硬頁書

Growl! Howl! Animals allows kids to find out about jungle wildlife in a lively, unique way. Learning becomes noisy fun as animals hide under 16 tactile flaps, 5 of which set off amazing light-activate

定價:714元   優惠價: 5357


11.Noisy Baby Peekaboo!

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2015/09/01 裝訂:硬頁書

Hear a baby chuckle, splash in the bath, and more in this adorable Peekaboo book, Noisy Baby Peekaboo!Noisy Baby Peekaboo! will draw your toddler in as they listen to a baby's first experiences from b

定價:494元   優惠價: 79390


12.Animal Colours

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2015/04/01 裝訂:硬頁書

Let your little one lift-the-flap and learn all about colours with this playful early learning board book toddlers will love Help your toddler learn all about colours with their favourite animals in A

定價:329元   優惠價: 5165


13.Disney Frozen The Essential Collection Sing- along

作者:Dk  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2014/11/03 裝訂:精裝

The essential sing-along companion to the world of Frozen with a sound button for the audio of ‘Let it Go’…All the lyrics from the film! More than 150 stickers!Find out about your favorite characters

定價:824元   優惠價: 5412


14.Wheelie Puppy

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2013/07/01 裝訂:硬頁書

Join Wheelie Puppy in this amazing book on wheels. Wheelie Puppy is a silky spaniel who wants to go on an adventure. Join him as he tries to find his friends Chicken, Sheep, Sheepdog, Donkey and lots

定價:274元   優惠價: 5137


15.Pocket Rough Guide Paris

作者:Ruth Blackmore  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2013/02/01 裝訂:平裝

These revised and updated city guides serve up all the key sights and best restaurants, shopping, and bars with Rough Guides' trademark eloquence and honesty.Divided by area for easy navigation, the g

定價:439元   優惠價: 5220


16.Star Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide

作者:DK;Daniel Wallace  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2012/05/01 裝訂:精裝

Take a journey through the Star Wars entire universe in The Ultimate Visual Guide, from thousands of years before Episode I to three decades after Episode VI and right up to the present day.Fascinatin

定價:989元   優惠價: 79781


17.Wheelie Tractor

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2003/06/05 裝訂:硬頁書

This fantastic shaped board book featuring 3-D revolving wheels is guaranteed to appeal to little tots with an enthusiasm for transport and moving objects.Busy Tractor shows you how the trailer collec

定價:329元   優惠價: 79260


18.What's Where on Earth? Animal Atlas:The World's Wildlife as You've Never Seen it Before

作者:DK  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2021/04/01 裝訂:精裝

Embark on an action-packed, first-class tour and explore the homes of Earth's most awe-inspiring animals!This illustrated children's atlas brings the animal kingdom to life like never before through s

定價:824元   優惠價: 79651


19.Earth's Incredible Oceans

作者:Jess French  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2021/04/01 裝訂:精裝

定價:824元   優惠價: 79651


20.Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales to the Rescue!:Meet the amazing web-slinger!

作者:David Fentiman  出版社:DK UK (Dorling Kindersley)  出版日:2021/03/04 裝訂:精裝

Learn to read with Marvel's Spider-Man!Miles Morales might seem like just a young kid from Brooklyn, but he has a few secrets. Firstly, he actually came from another Universe. Secondly - he is really

定價:274元   優惠價: 79216