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1.#6: Sunrise

作者:Erin Hunter  出版社:HARPERCOLLINS CANADA  出版日:2010/03/09 裝訂:平裝

There will be three, kin of your kin . . . who hold the power of the stars in their paws. The secret of Hollyleaf's, Jayfeather's, and Lionblaze's true identities has been revealed, but one shocking

定價:280元   優惠價: 5140


2.New York Dead Cdn

作者:Stuart Woods  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2011/03/29

Everyone is always telling Stone Barrington he's too smart to be a cop, but it's pure luck that places him on the streets in the dead of night, just in time to witness the horrifying incident that tur

定價:455元   優惠價: 79359


3.Cheers!: An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada

作者:Nicholas Pashley  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/10/16

We like beer in Canada. We really, really like it. And it’s not just a fly-by-night, sordid little affair. We’re in it long term. We spend something like $8 billion a year on beer. From barley growers

定價:900元   優惠價: 9810


4.Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood

作者:Taras Grescoe  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/10/10

Just when opting for omega-three-rich seafood is recognized as one of the healthiest dietary choices a person can make, the news seems to be full of stories about mercury-laden tuna, shrimp contaminat

定價:898元   優惠價: 9808


5.We Know What You're Thinking: From Dollars to Donuts -- Canada's Premier Polls Reveal What Canadians Think

作者:Darrell Bricker; John Wright  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/08/14

The anonymity of a phone line is the secret to success for Darrell Bricker and John Wright of Ipsos Reid, the largest market research company in Canada. Ipsos’ accuracy in gathering people’s thoughts

定價:1000元   優惠價: 9900


6.Bone China

作者:Roma Tearne  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/07/10

Following her critically acclaimed debut novel,Mosquito, Roma Tearne returns with a lyrical family story that crosses continents and generations to explore how our country of origin leaves an indelibl

定價:1035元   優惠價: 9932


7.This Is How

作者:M. J. Hyland  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/07/10

定價:1000元   優惠價: 9900



作者:Helen Humphreys  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/07/03

A stunning novel of love, loss and redemption,Coventry was published to rave reviews and became an instant bestseller in 2008.The Gazette (Montreal) called it “a small gem. . . . A beautifully sculpte

定價:810元   優惠價: 9729


9.I Am My Father's Son: A Memoir of Love and Forgiveness

作者:Dan Hill  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/06/30 裝訂:精裝

Listen to Dan Hill's My Father's SonDaniel Hill IVknown to millions simply as Dan Hillis one of Canada’s most respected and successful singer-songwriters. By age 23, he had already won several Junos a

定價:1348元   優惠價: 91213


10.Far North

作者:Marcel Theroux  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/06/09 裝訂:精裝

Out on the far northern border of a failed state, a lone survivor, Makepeace, patrols the ruins of a dying city. Into this cold, isolated world walks the evidence that life is flourishing elsewhere --

定價:1350元   優惠價: 91215


11.The Art of Racing in the Rain

作者:Garth Stein  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/05/29

定價:850元   優惠價: 9765


12.Library of the Dead

作者:Glenn Cooper  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/05/22

An ancient knowledge. A conspiracy of silence. A secret to kill for.On the seventh day of the seventh month, the seventh son of a seventh son is born to ominous prophecy on the Isle of Wight. Centurie

定價:990元   優惠價: 9891


13.Crazy for the Storm: A Memoir of Survival

作者:Norman Ollestad  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/05/22 裝訂:精裝

定價:1350元   優惠價: 91215



作者:Frances Itani  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/05/15

Itani’s beloved, award-winning novel, set on the eve of the Great War and spanning two continents, tells the story of Grania, a young deaf woman who falls in love with Jim, a hearing man. As the war e

定價:900元   優惠價: 9810


15.The River at the Center of the World: A Journey Up the Yangtze, and Back in Chinese Time

作者:Simon Winchester  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/05/15

Rising from the mountains of the Tibetan border, the river that is the symbolic heart of China courses through 3,900 miles of rugged country before emerging into the oily swells of the East China Sea.

定價:855元   優惠價: 9770


16.How to Tell What People Are Thinking

作者:Peter Collett  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/05/08

Have you ever wondered what people are thinking or if they are telling the truth? Did you know that you can discern someone’s thoughts by reading the clues in a person’s body language? Did you know th

定價:720元   優惠價: 9648


17.The Lieutenant

作者:Kate Grenville  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/05/08 裝訂:精裝

Set a quarter-century beforeThe Secret River, at the very moment when the British arrive in Australia,The Lieutenant unveils one man’s struggle to find his place within this brand new world.In 1787, L

定價:1485元   優惠價: 91337



作者:Richard Flanagan  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/05/04

From the author of the bestsellingGould’s Book of Fish, The Sound of One Hand Clapping and The Unknown Terroristcomes a haunting meditation on love, loss and the way life is finally determined never b

定價:1150元   優惠價: 91035


19.Filthy Lucre: Economics for People Who Hate Capitalism

作者:Joseph Heath  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/04/30 裝訂:精裝

定價:1348元   優惠價: 91213


20.Brand New World: How Paupers, Pirates, and Oligarchs are Reshaping Business

作者:Max Lenderman  出版社:Harpercollins Canada  出版日:2009/04/17 裝訂:精裝

To get around a ban on alcohol advertising, a Russian oligarch starts a bank using the same name as his premium bestselling vodka. Russian Standard is still the #1 vodka and is now the largest consume

定價:1498元   優惠價: 91348