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1.Stem Lesson Guideposts ─ Creating STEM Lessons for Your Curriculum

作者:Jo Anne Vasquez; Michael Comer; Joel Villegas  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2017/03/23 裝訂:平裝

STEM Lesson Guideposts presents a clear and actionable approach for teachers and leaders to follow in developing meaningful STEM lessons and units. This companion to the bestselling STEM Lesson Essent

定價:1097元   優惠價: 9987


2.Counting 1 to 10

作者:Daniel Nunn; Rebecca Rissman (CON)  出版社:Heinemann/Raintree  出版日:2012/01/01 裝訂:硬頁書

Uses photographs of everyday objects, including sunflowers and ducklings, to teach readers how to count to ten.

定價:313元   優惠價: 5157


3.Patterns Outside

作者:Dan Nunn; Rebecca Rissman  出版社:Heinemann/Raintree  出版日:2012/01/01 裝訂:硬頁書

Uses photographs to show how patterns can be found in natural and everyday items, including clovers, bridges, and clothing.

定價:313元   優惠價: 5157


4.Shapes Around Us

作者:Daniel Nunn; Rebecca Rissman  出版社:Heinemann/Raintree  出版日:2012/01/01 裝訂:硬頁書

Uses photographs to demonstrate how shapes can be found in everyday objects, including windows, cakes, and buttons.

定價:313元   優惠價: 5157


5.Animals Big and Small

作者:Daniel Nunn; Rebecca Rissman (CON)  出版社:Heinemann/Raintree  出版日:2012/01/01 裝訂:硬頁書

Uses photographs of animals, including dogs, cats, and giraffes, to teach varying size.

定價:313元   優惠價: 5157


6.Safety Critical Systems Handbook: A Straightforward Guide to Functional Safety, IEC 61508 (2010 Edition) and Related Standards, Including : Process IEC 61511, Machinery IEC 62061 and I

作者:David J. Smith Dr.; Kenneth G. L. Simpson  出版社:Butterworth-Heinemann  出版日:2010/12/20

Electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems increasingly carry out safety functions to guard workers and the public against injury or death and the environment against pollution. The in

定價:4977元   優惠價: 52489


7.Introduction to Colloid and Surface Chemistry

作者:Duncan J. Shaw  出版社:Butterworth-Heinemann  出版日:1992/03/18 裝訂:平裝

This thoroughly updated edition continues to provide a concise overall coverage of colloid and surface chemistry, intermediate between the brief accounts in physical chemistry textbooks and the compre

定價:2859元   優惠價: 51430


8.Go Set A Watchman

作者:Harper Lee  出版社:William Heinemann UK  出版日:2015/07/14 裝訂:精裝

Go Set a Watchman is set during the mid-1950s and features many of the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird some twenty years later. Scout (Jean Louise Finch) has returned to Maycomb from New York to

定價:907元   優惠價: 5454


9.Breathing New Life into Book Clubs ― A Practical Guide for Teachers

作者:Sonja Cherry-paul; Dana Johansen  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2019/05/23 裝訂:平裝

定價:1322元   優惠價: 91190


10.Growing Language and Literacy ― Strategies for English Learners

作者:Andrea Honigsfeld  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2019/05/06 裝訂:平裝

定價:1378元   優惠價: 91240


11.Inquiry Illuminated ― Researcher's Workshop Across the Curriculum

作者:Anne Goudvis; Stephanie Harvey; Brad Buhrow  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2019/04/25 裝訂:平裝

To immerse students in the richness and intrigue of the content areas, let the kids lead the way! In Inquiry Illuminated, Anne Goudvis, Stephanie Harvey, and classroom teacher Brad Buhrow shine a ligh

定價:1631元   優惠價: 91468


12.The Right Tools ― A Guide to Selecting, Evaluating, and Implementing Classroom Resources and Practices

作者:Towanda Harris  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2019/04/19 裝訂:平裝

定價:1041元   優惠價: 9937


13.Getting Started With Middle School Sentence Composing ― A Student Work Text

作者:Donald Killgallon; Jenny Killgallon  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2019/04/11 裝訂:平裝

定價:1041元   優惠價: 9937


14.No More Math Fact Frenzy

作者:Linda Ruiz Davenport; Nell K Duke (EDT); Connie S. Henry; M. Colleen Cruz (EDT); Douglas H. Clements  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2019/04/04 裝訂:平裝

定價:928元   優惠價: 9835


15.Building Bigger Ideas ― A Process for Teaching Purposeful Talk

作者:Maria Nichols  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2019/03/28 裝訂:平裝

定價:1125元   優惠價: 91013


16.Reading to Make a Difference ― Using Literature to Help Students Speak Freely, Think Deeply, and Take Action

作者:Lester L. Laminack; Katie Kelly  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2019/03/21 裝訂:平裝

"This book is a gift to teachers who want to know how best to incorporate diverse literature into their classrooms. It translates rhetoric about diverse books into practical actions. Teachers will fin

定價:1378元   優惠價: 91240


17.Teaching Writers to Reflect ― Strategies for a More Thoughtful Writing Workshop

作者:Anne Whitney; Colleen Mccracken; Deana Washell  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2019/02/25 裝訂:平裝

定價:1041元   優惠價: 9937


18.A Teacher's Guide to Reading Conferences

作者:Katie Wood Ray (EDT); Jennifer Serravallo  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2019/01/31 裝訂:平裝

Why are reading conferences so important? What do effective reading conferences look and sound like? How do I fit reading conferences into my literacy block? "Conferring," writes Jennifer Serravallo,

定價:1097元   優惠價: 9987


19.Guiding Readers and Writers ― Teaching Comprehension, Genre, and Content Literacy

作者:Irene Fountas; Gay Su Pinnell  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2018/12/31 裝訂:平裝

定價:2588元   優惠價: 92329


20.Leading Well ― Building Schoolwide Excellence in Reading and Writing

作者:Lucy Calkins; Mary Ehrenworth; Laurie Pessah  出版社:Heinemann  出版日:2018/12/18 裝訂:平裝

"I'm convinced that Howard Gardner was right when he suggested that all leaders need chances to retreat to the mountains. I hope this book gives you metaphorical mountains. I hope that Leading Well a

定價:1685元   優惠價: 91517