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1.You Live Where?!

作者:John Norman Hay  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2021/02/04 裝訂:平裝

A laugh-out-loud funny story. Perfect for fans of Kes Gray's You're Called What?!Little Snoring. Scratchy Bottom.Nowhere. Nowhere Else. You Live Where?!It's the first day of the holiday and down by th

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303


2.The Other Bennet Sister

作者:Janice Hadlow  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2020/12/10 裝訂:平裝

For fans of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Janice Hadlow's The Other Bennet Sister tells Mary's story... It is a sad fact of life that if a young woman is unlucky enough to come into the world wit

定價:494元   優惠價: 79390


3.I Can Catch a Monster (平裝本)

作者:Bethan Woollvin  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2020/09/17 裝訂:平裝

定價:439元   優惠價: 79347


4.New In Town (精裝本)

作者:Marta Altes  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2020/08/20 裝訂:精裝

Meet a big, friendly dog looking for a home in this warm and reassuring story by award-winning Marta Altes.This dog may be alone and without a home, but he’s excited and ready to embrace a new life in

定價:714元   優惠價: 69493

庫存 > 10

5.Lovecraft Country:TV Tie-In

作者:Matt Ruff  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2020/08/06 裝訂:平裝

定價:494元   優惠價: 79390


6.Aesop's Fables, Retold by Elli Woollard

作者:Elli Woollard  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2020/08/06 裝訂:平裝

定價:549元   優惠價: 79434


7.Brenda Is a Sheep (平裝本)

作者:Morag Hood  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2020/07/23 裝訂:平裝

Brenda Is A Sheep is a massively mischievous and heart-warming story about being accepted, from Morag Hood – the award-winning creator of The Steves, I Am Bat, Aalfred and Aalbert, and author of Sophi

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303


8.Busy Kangaroo

作者:Campbell Books  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2020/07/09 裝訂:硬頁書

定價:329元   優惠價: 79260


9.The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: The Untold Story of a Lost World

出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2018/05/03 裝訂:平裝

66 million years ago the dinosaurs were wiped from the face of the earth. Today, Dr. Steve Brusatte, one of the leading scientists of a new generation of dinosaur hunters, armed with cutting edge tech

定價:824元   優惠價: 79651


10.The Shape Of Water

作者:Daniel Kraus; Guillermo del Toro  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2018/02/27 裝訂:平裝

NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE FROM FOX SEARCHLIGHT Visionary storyteller Guillermo del Toro and celebrated author Daniel Kraus combine their estimable talent in this haunting, heartbreaking love story. T

定價:595元   優惠價: 79470


11.Christmas Stories and Carols Audio (4 Christmas stories & 15 carols) (單CD)

作者:Campbell Books  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2017/10/05 裝訂:有聲書

A wonderfully festive collection of favourite stories and carols for the whole family to enjoy over the Christmas holidays.Take a sleigh ride to the Snow Queen's palace, a trip on a donkey to Bethleh

定價:366元   優惠價: 79289


12.The Prodigal Daughter

作者:Jeffrey Archer  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2017/07/27 裝訂:平裝

定價:495元   優惠價: 79391


13.Charlie Chick Finds an Egg

作者:Nick Denchfield  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2017/06/27 裝訂:立體書

Charlie is a little chick who has found a BIG egg! What could be inside? He gives it a little tap with his beak. What happens next? Open the pops and unfold the giant flap to find out in this cracking

定價:439元   優惠價: 79347


14.The Man Without Qualities:Picador Classic

作者:Robert Musil  出版社:Pan Macmillan  出版日:2017/02/23 裝訂:平裝

定價:934元   優惠價: 79738


15.Just Stupid!

作者:Andy Griffiths  出版社:Pan Macmillan UK  出版日:2020/10/15 裝訂:平裝

Just Stupid! is the third book in a hilarious series of short stories about the world's smartest, craziest and most annoying practical joker from the creators of the bestselling Treehouse series, Andy

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303


16.There are 101 Dinosaurs in This Book

作者:Campbell Books  出版社:Pan Macmillan UK  出版日:2020/07/09 裝訂:硬頁書

There are 101 Dinosaurs in This Book is perfect for children 2 years+ who are discovering the world around them. Split flip-flap pages encourage spotting and finding skills as little ones match up eac

定價:439元   優惠價: 79347


17.Axel Scheffler Pip the Puppy

作者:Axel Scheffler  出版社:Pan Macmillan UK  出版日:2020/02/06 裝訂:硬頁書

Little ones can join in the fun with mischievous Pip the Puppy by pulling out the sliders and pushing up the tabs. Follow Pip out and about as he chases the cat, frightens the postman, and woofs all a

定價:329元   優惠價: 79260


18.I am a Tiger

作者:Karl Newson  出版社:Pan Macmillan UK  出版日:2019/05/14 裝訂:平裝

A hilarious and original story about a little mouse with big ideas!The bold little mouse declares "I am a tiger." and manages to convince a raccoon, a fox, a snake and a bird not only that this is tru

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303


19.What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday Sticker Book (貼紙書)

作者:Julia Donaldson; Lydia Monks  出版社:Pan Macmillan UK  出版日:2019/04/04 裝訂:平裝

Join the clever little crime-busting ladybird on holiday in the city and help her stop two thieves from stealing the Queen's crown in this fun sticker book, packed with games, activities and over 400

定價:329元   優惠價: 79260

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20.The 104-Storey Treehouse (英國版)

作者:Andy Griffiths  出版社:Pan Macmillan UK  出版日:2018/08/23 裝訂:平裝

The 104-Storey Treehouse is the eighth book of Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton's wacky treehouse adventures, where the laugh-out-loud story is told through a combination of text and fantastic cartoon-

定價:329元   優惠價: 73240