Rich Dad's Escape from the Rat Race: How to Become a Rich Kid by Following Rich Dad's Advice
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How do you get kids interested in learning about finance? Give them a comic book! Rich Dad series author Robert Kiyosaki, whose books have sold over 5 million copies, recognized the increasing need for people to begin their journey to financial literacy-and life-long wealth-as early as their preteen years. In Escape from the Rat Race, basic lessons about ``working to learn, not to earn'', buying assets, and understanding a financial statement are revealed in a graphic format through the tale of Timid T. Turtle. When Tim runs out of cash at an amusement park, his savvy friend Red E. Rat shows him how to ``make money work for him''-and tells Robert Kiyosaki's own riveting account of learning the basic principles of lifelong financial success. Illustrated with full-color sequential art in the style of Rich Dad's popular CASHFLOW games and Web site, here is a book that gives kids (and reluctant readers of all ages) the chance to take their first steps toward financial freedom.
Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter are the authors of the #1 New York Times bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad, as well as Rich Dad's Guide to Investing, Cashflow Quadrant, and Retire Young, Retire Rich. Both authors live in Arizona.

About the Artist
Rantz Hoseley has been working in comics since 1987, starting with Tales of the Ninja Warriors (CFW Publishing). Since then, he's worked on many different titles, of which a few include: Angry Shadows (Innovation), The Shattered Earth (Eternity Comics), Caliber Presents (Caliber Press), Ouch (BayWauHaus Publikations), R.I.P. (TSR/Wizards of the Coast), Medal of Honor (Dark Horse) and Real Stuff (Fantagraphics).

In addition, Rantz created, wrote and drew the daily strip "Edge City" for the Daily Evergreen from 1992-94 and is the creator/writer/artist on the thrice-weekly online comic strip DeathMarch ( hosted by the largest gaming network online.