George and His Shadow (精裝本)
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Funny, wry, and retro, George and His Shadow refreshes the “imaginary friend” trope. After all, George is a grown man with a hat and George’s shadow is better than him at almost everything! How irritating!

One morning, when George walks into his kitchen, he finds someone sitting at his table. “Who are you?” he asks. “I’m your shadow,” answers the shadow. The shadow follows George—for a walk on the street, fishing on the pier at Coney Island, and everywhere else George goes.

Who is this shadow? Is he an annoying pest? Is he a friend? Or is he both?

From the award-winning pair behind I Can’t Wait and The Enemy comes a sweet, silly, and often poignant look at how unexpected friendship can be. With mod, quirky art full of personality from Serge Bloch (Butterflies in My Stomach and The Big Adventure of a Little Line) and a disarming text from Davide Cali (I Didn’t Do My Homework Because . . .), George and His Shadow is charming! Perfect for fans of Leo: A Ghost Story and Imaginary Fred.


Davide Cali & Serge Bloch have created many books together for a variety of ages, including I Can't Wait; The Enemy: A Book About Peace; and I Love Kissing You. Although both Davide and Serge have created dozens of books without the other, the ones they create together are special-demonstrating a depth of emotion and an appreciation of the world without being overly sentimental. Author and playwright Davide Cali is Italian but was born in Switzerland. Nowadays he lives between France and Italy. Illustrator, designer, cartoonist, and fine artist Serge Bloch was born in France and currently lives in Paris and sometimes New York City.

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