The Green Knight (Movie Tie-In)
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TARGET CONSUMER: For readers of epic fantasy in the vien of Game of Thrones
and Lord of the Rings. The inspiration for the major motion picture The Green Knight starring Dev Patel, an early English poem of magic, chivalry and seduction.
     Composed during the fourteenth century in the English Midlands, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight describes the events that follow when a mysterious green-coloured knight rides into King Arthur's Camelot in deep mid-winter. The mighty knight presents a challenge to the court: he will allow himself to be struck by one blow, on the condition that he will be allowed to return the strike on the following New Year's Eve. Sir Gawain takes up the challenge, decapitating the stranger - only to see the Green Knight seize up his own severed head and ride away, leaving Gawain to seek him out and honour their
pact. Blending Celtic myth and Christian faith, Gawain is among the greatest Middle English poems: a tale of magic, chivalry and seduction.

HIGHLY ANTICIPATED FILM: Dev Patel's appearance in the leading role as the kinght Sir Gawain has generated a ton of buzz online, with the trailer racking up over three million views on youtube in a matter of weeks. And with a release date of July 30th, this could be one of the first major in-theater releases of 2021.

BEAUTIFUL MODERN TRANSLATION: This translation by the middle english by celebrated Irish poet Bernard O'Donoghue is one of the most recent to have been published,  rendering the original epic in the same beautiful and accesible modern english as we use in our deluxe classics edition.

A FAMILIAR CLASSIC: Sir Gawain and The Green Knight is one of the most beloved tales of King Arthur's court, and sales of our translations have remained steady for decades.

FOREWORD FROM THE DIRECTOR: David Lowery, the writer and director of The Green Knight, has contributed a foreword about how the poem inspired the film.