The Joint Base Charleston Murders
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The Joint Base Charleston Murders is the second novel in The Pilot and The Pianist Mystery Series, which is the fifth series of novels for MW Burdette. This mystery features Neal Bush Todd, a retired fighter pilot, and Claire Cavendish, a descendant of the famous Cavendishes of Great Britain. When one of your ancestors is a Lord, another a Duke, and a third the Prime Minister of Great Britain great things are expected of you. Even being a child prodigy in music wasn't enough for Claire to feel as if she had made her mark in the world.Todd had been an ace pilot in his own right, but after eight years racking up "Kills" in his country's overseas conflicts he wanted more challenges. He and his famous pianist partner are called in by the U.S. State Department to help solve the mystery of the deaths of the crew of a U.S. Military transport plane. The detectives make their way to Charleston, South Carolina, and are immediately confronted with less than cooperative Command and Control officers who want to let sleeping dogs lie. They want to believe that the crash of a $268 million dollar aircraft was purely accidental and the local Air Force authorities don't want the investigation reopened by a couple of outsiders. The story unfolds to many questions that need to be answered before the U.S. Air Force can put this crash behind themselves.