I Am the Key That Opens All Doors: Journey to Peace and Freedom

I Am the Key That Opens All Doors: Journey to Peace and Freedom

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An easy Philosophical/Spiritual approach to daily life.
" Life is your companion, death is your friend. When you embrace them both, there is no beginning and there is no end".

We all are energy dressed up in matter. Since the beginning of falling from grace, we humans have always been wondering about our purpose in life. The answer has always been so simple and yet so difficult for us to innerstand. In this book you will be shown that the answer is so easy. It's within your grasp. Life is not difficult, we humans make it so. To see the Light, you must first go blind.
Lose all the layers of indoctrinations that have been piling up all your life so you can actually see for the first time. That's the moment when you are truly born. You may be 25, 50 or 70, but if you haven't first fought the darkness within, then you aren't born yet. Physical and metaphysical are two sides of the same coin. You need to innerstand and practice them both to see the bigger picture.

"I AM THE KEY THAT OPENS ALL DOORS" points out a creative and positive way to turn on your inner Light, so you can shine and see clear and get out of the darkness that you have been put to, from a lifetime of conditioning from outside noises that have muffled up your own inner voice.
Unleash the power that resides deep within the center of the sacred place, deep within your heart. Question your existence. Question everything. The answer to a question must always lead to another question.

Discover the power of being YOU. Discover your "I AM". Find out the key to happiness that exists within you. Find the KEY THAT OPENS ALL DOORS. "I AM" takes you on a journey so you can recognize both physical and metaphysical aspects of you.
Within this book you will also have the pleasure to enjoy and admire over 25 hand drawn artworks from the author of this book.
Attention: ONLY the paperback version of the book has artworks. The digital version does NOT have any.







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