Sanctification of the Sabbath: The Permanent Obligation to Observe the Sabbath or Lord's Day
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Haldane proves the Lord's Day is a permanent obligation, afterward embodied in the Ten Commandments and recognized by Jesus and His apostles, and that the change of day does not void the fourth commandment. He sets forth how beautifully the Sabbath day depicts the patience, goodness, and mercy of Jehovah. Most divine institutions point out the consequences of sin, but the Sabbath traces its origin to the time when man walked in innocence in the immediate presence of the Lord. We are to remember an institution forgotten in the bondage of Egypt--to keep holy a day God claims as His inalienable property, a claim restated by Jesus Christ for us.

Table of Contents:

1. The Sabbath Anterior to the Mosaic Dispensation
2. The Sabbath Binding Alike under the Jewish and Christian Dispensations
3. The Manner of the Promulgation of the Decalogue
4. The Manner of the Preservation of the Decalogue and the Lessons Thereby Taught
5. Proof of the Permanence of the Fourth Commandment Derived from the Foregoing Statements
6. Internal Evidence Shows that the Fourth Commandment Is of Universal Obligation
7. Objections to the Permanent Obligation of the Sabbath Considered
8. The Observance of the Sabbath under the Christian Dispensation Is Fully Recognized by the Prophets
9. The Change from the Last to the First Day of the Week Has Not Invalidated the Obligation of the Sabbath