Accessories for Hv and Ehv Extruded Cables: Volume 2: Land and Submarine AC/DC Applications
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This CIGRE Green book on accessories for HV and EHV extruded cables covers relevant issues in cable system design, cable design, and submarine cables, including offshore generation connection. It provides comprehensive and unbiased information, essential recommendations and guidelines for design, installation, testing and maintenance of accessories to professionals through the exceptional expertise of the authors.

The publication is divided in two volumes covering land and submarine applications, HVAC and HVDC systems, andtransitions from lapped cable systems to extruded cable systems, from OHL to UG cables and from cables to substations. It equips the reader with recommendations for testing, installation, maintenance, and remaining life management. This volume is dedicated to Land and Submarine AC/DC Applications while Volume 1 deals with Components.

The book compiles the results of the work achieved by several Working Groups and Task Forces of CIGRE Study Committee 21/B1, and Joint Working Groups and Joint Task Forces with other Study Committees. Many experts from Study Committees 21/B1 (Insulated Cables), 15/D1 (Materials and Emerging Test Techniques), 33/B3 (Substations), C3 (System Environmental Performance), and C4 (System Technical Performance) have participated in this work in the last 30 years in order to offer comprehensive, continuous, and consistent outputs.