If Satan Could Speak

If Satan Could Speak

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I wrote this book as a means of inspiration that can be physically transferred from me to anyone in need of it. My book covers various subjects such as social inequality, the struggle to exist in a reality created with or without the potential to change through one's own means and more. The stories are very insightful; they touch on the thoughts of an indecisive and potentially troubled mind..., and express the things that most people are too afraid to disclose. For legal reasons and public outcry I could not fully let the reader in on what would have been questionable and entertaining at the same time. I have yet to create a piece of work that expresses such emotion with free disclosure and boundlessness. I would enjoy the controversy because the attention needed to explain is more important than anything; had they only been genuinely interested in my work... The writing style chosen is arguably comparable to Edgar Alan Poe and J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye. I enjoyed creating the answer to what I'd like to call the troubled one's existence. The format speaks in ways that let the illustrations figuratively or directly describe each stories meaning. Some stories rhyme, some ramble, some are insinuative, some obviously make sense, and some will take inferring to understand what I meant. Some valid emotion from my own life is incorporated into what I have expressed and some stories are indeed very fictional. I use realistic examples to express science fictional ideas that do not involve the total depreciation of reality. You may find humor, joy, and relief from reading this work of art. Every emotion will be provoked at one point or another and I highly advise any individual to distinguish content from what is being said so that you can enjoy yourself! Being that this book is targeted to a specific audience who would not be able to access to it and that I may be wrong about who would derive the most pleasure from it, I think everyone can relate to what was written admittedly or not. Secretively or openly I think I played on a lot of valid emotions and situations in everyday life that will leave reader's impressed, disgustingly interested, perplexed, analytical, and curious...Thank You for Reading.







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