Quick Start Guide: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Quick Start Guide: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

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So you just found out you're in a relationship with a narcissist or psychopath...

That discovery can be incredibly relieving at first because you finally figured out what's going on.

Whether you've already left or you're considering leaving, it's important to know that many people get trapped in repetition cycles, even once they know about narcissistic abuse!

You can end up suffering through the same types of toxic relationships over and over again. The sense of powerlessness, helplessness and hopelessness grows over time-and things get much, much worse.

After one of these relationships, you're likely struggling with confusion, brain fog and overwhelm. It becomes hard to think clearly, to focus and retain information.

The QUICK START GUIDE: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery shows you the first 3 most essential steps that you can take right now to start moving forward and transforming your life.

This mini book can be read in a couple hours and cuts straight through the overwhelm with clarity-giving you only what you most need right now.

You'll get a 3-step, tactical action plan that you can implement to start getting positive results in your recovery process. You'll also understand why each of the steps is so essential, what the common challenges are, where people tend to get stuck, and what will happen if you don't put these steps into action.

In the QUICK START GUIDE, you'll learn about:

  • getting into a Mental Ninja Mindset to set yourself up for success in your recovery
  • how your own biology could be working against you in this process
  • how to override the impulses that are sabotaging your forward movement
  • the biggest threat to your self-healing and what you can do to eliminate it
  • the truth about why most people get into a cycle of repetition after these relationships
  • what you can do differently to create a better future for yourself (and your children)

This isn't a clinical or academic book-it's a practical, tactical guide. It's short and easy to read so that your traumatized mind can better understand and process this important information at such a crucial time in your journey.

If you're a newbie and ready to transform your life after narcissistic abuse, add this QUICK START GUIDE to your cart now so you can start putting it into action today!

Meredith Miller is a holistic coach and author of THE JOURNEY: A Roadmap for Self-Healing After Narcissistic Abuse. Her mission is to bridge the gap between trauma and purpose. Meredith teaches mindsets and tactical tools to help with recovery from narcissistic abuse and other toxic relationships.







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