Cameos That Counted: Influential Characters Rarely Mentioned in the Bible

Cameos That Counted: Influential Characters Rarely Mentioned in the Bible

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There are men and women who grace the pages of Scriptures who have become virtual household names to all believers, names such as Peter, Paul, James, Abraham, David, and Samuel. Their lives are portrayed over many chapters of Scripture. Some we can trace from birth through to old age. Others are presented at varied segments of their lives as they move on to the stage of Sacred history to perform their God-given function in His great story of redemption. But there are also individuals who make cameo appearances and others whose biographies are given in a few short glimpses. Yet these are not less important in the divine story as it unfolds through the ages. Though Scripture may use an economy of words to tell of their lives, the results of their actions have been eternally inscribed in the Word of God which shall "never pass away." Cameo appearances have, at times, had copious consequences. Thus, their contributions will live on eternally for all to appreciate and from which we can all profit in the present time. Names such as Hushai, Dorcas, Barzillai, Jonathan, Simeon, and Anna reveal lives which were useful and honoring to God, even though summarized in a few verses of Holy writ. All of this should also serve, not only as instruction for us, but also as encouragement. None of us is a David or Peter, few of us if any will ever know the experiences of the great heroes of the faith. None of this is a reason to feel that the contribution that you make to the work of God is insignificant. We are all minor players in the great drama of redemption. But we can thank God that we are part of His great work in this age. And, just as these seemingly lesser lights contributed in their day to the work of God, so we can as well in the day in which God has placed us.







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