Not My Son Not On Mother's Day

Not My Son Not On Mother's Day

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We cannot predict the future, and frequently we have difficulty controlling the end. Theresa Dove-Waters' story, "Not My Son, Not on Mother's Day," demonstrates that whoever you are, no matter how long it takes or how much you deny it, you will be where God planned you to be. "Not My Son, Not on Mother's Day" is a true story of a mother-son's life-changing personal struggle after being introduced to various illegal substances. Ms. Dove was a single mother raising two sons, and unbeknown to her, like most teens, her youngest son, Jeffrey, began experimenting with alcohol and marijuana at a young age. With every word she wrote, you could almost feel the pain she felt seeing her son experience and side effects of experimenting with various substances. No mother would ever wish to see their children lose themselves in such a psychologically destructive manner. Along the way, she began to doubt her value as a mother.

Many questions went unanswered for a long time, and her hopes for Jeff were shaken. After leaving the rehab facility, he returned to his experimental journey of experiencing illegal drugs, and they both appeared to be in a hopeless situation.

Ms. Dove was also dealing with another unbeliever situation. She had never expected to be called to become an ordained clergy. A pastor? Her life is a struggle; her son is straying, and her thoughts of saving him fail. Indeed God's calling the wrong person! However, "God chooses whoever He wants to employ." She became Rev. Theresa DoveWaters, an Ordained United Methodist Minister.

And who would have known after Mother and Son's battles both would graduate from seminary and become ordained clergy? Theresa DoveWaters is an Ordained United Methodist Minister, and Jeff is an African Methodist Episcopal Church pastor. "Not My Son, Not on Mother's Day" is more than just a family story; it's also an educational and moral journey through God's divine grace. What an inspirational book to read!







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