Free Fall: A Summer Hill Irregulars Mystery

Free Fall: A Summer Hill Irregulars Mystery

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The holidays are fast approaching in Summer Hill, Virginia, and Jackie Olsen and her friends are hard at work making plans for the festivities. At the same time, Jackie's fianc嶪, detective Riley Furman, has been pestering her to set a wedding date. As soon as she does, her friends pile on, nagging her about bridesmaids' dresses, flowers, favors and a myriad of other details. How's a girl supposed to get ready for Thanksgiving when her mind is elsewhere?
At the same time, Jackie's friend, Marcia, is preparing her gymnastics team for a major sporting event. A lot is on the line, as this event is attended by college scouts and coaches from all over the east coast. Scholarship money could flow to talented contestants. Unfortunately, the event is being marred by sabotage. Someone has been playing tricks on the gymnasts and with their equipment. Is the goal to eliminate top competitors or something more sinister?
In addition to sabotage, preparation for the event is interrupted when a coach is accused of sexually molesting one of his team members. Shortly after this accusation, Marcia finds the coach dead in the gym, his neck broken from a fall off a piece of equipment that has been tampered with.
Chaos reigns as danger stalks the gymnastics teams. Jackie, Marcia, Bernice and Linda are determined to find the killer and save the competition, much to the annoyance of Riley, who is the lead detective on the investigation. More accusations against the dead coach come to light, and the suspects multiply. Is the murderer a parent, a gymnast, a competing coach, or someone else entirely? Was it murder or an unfortunate accident? And who is targeting the top gymnasts?
There are baking to do, dresses to choose, car chases to conduct and crimes to solve, all before the holidays begin. Leave it to the Summer Hill Irregulars. The crimes will be solved, a wedding will be planned, and the Thanksgiving turkey will make it to the table on time. Somehow.







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