London Liz

London Liz

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God save the king, it never happened. The world changed; England simply became the Kingdom. The Kingdom like most of the western world was taken over by rich foreigners. Eventually these new rulers where afraid of the working class, they divided every city into two classes, the good and the bad. Huge barriers were installed to keep everyone apart. This didn't seem to work, the changed the names, first and middleclass one side, second-class on the other side. Unfortunately, things didn't get any better, and not only was the Kingdom suffering, so too Australia. One couple not suffering, George and Elizabeth. George was a successful political analyst who entered a competition to win a trip to London. George was excited, he won the competition to live and work in London with his wife Elizabeth. Little did they know until they arrived in London, the Kingdom was just as bad here as it is back home in Australia. News throughout the world was heavily censored and this was a shock at first but after experiencing London and its atmosphere, George and Elizabeth was excited. George settled into his new job and after a while was used to living in the first- and middle-class London. Well, that was until George came across an unauthorized site while working one day. George became obsessed, and when management found out, George's life was in danger. George sensed this and downloaded the site onto a USB chip. Senior management then ordered George to be eliminated and all records of his existence be deleted. Management waited until Elizabeth was out of London when they made a move to eliminate George. George managed to escape but with no identities, he was thrown into Brixton immigration cells. There George found out if he practiced been a good Muslim, rewards where great and there may be a chance for him to find Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was hounded by the senior companies' general manager, Henrik. Henrik wants to know George's whereabouts and find the USB chip. George who dreamt of been with Elizabeth again, never knew Elizabeth was suffering just as much as he was and if it wasn't for a successful second-class businesswoman named Janet, Elizabeth would be worse off than George. Janet took Elizabeth in giving her a job and lodgings. Elizabeth accepted this and in her spare time searched the streets of Kilburn high and low for George. Elizabeth so desperate to find George, Janet felt pity on her and offered he a job in her beer hall in Cricklewood. Elizabeth excepted providing she doesn't have to work out in the back rooms with the other girls who provided pleasure. Janet agreed, but hoped she will change her attitude. While Elizabeth worked in Cricklewood, George escaped from the Brixton prison when Henrik's assassins moved in. While trying to avoid the assassins in Camden Town, George teamed up with a revolutionist named Sky Blue. George kept telling Sky Blue he loves Elizabeth, Sky Blue had other thoughts about that, Sky Blue fell desperately in love with George. Sky Blue was in need of real love, she wasn't going to give up on George. This was going to be hard to do, Henrik needed George dead and added Sky Blue to the list. The secret to life as we knew it, was on the USB.







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