Our Dreaming Place: The Arctic

Our Dreaming Place: The Arctic

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Where would you like to go for a picnic in our dreams?

The special place chosen to have a picnic in this dream is the Arctic. We learn about the animals that live in the Arctic and see the beautiful landscape and Northern lights. The food the animals bring to the picnic is playfully imagined.

The narwhal brings hot dogs on its tooth and the reindeer carefully balances teacups on its antlers. What food will you imagine on this adventure?

In hopes for any child to imagine themselves in the story, the book purposely does not identify the gender of the child.

Our Dreaming Place - The Arctic sparks imagination, creativity, education and eases the fear of falling asleep alone. Children will learn about the animals native to the Arctic and will love this story because of their own involvement in imagining what food the animals will bring to the picnic.

In Our Dreaming Place book series, as part of the nighttime routine, the child picks a special place they would like to visit. Both caregiver and child agree to try to dream about meeting each other in that place and having a picnic. Once the location is chosen, the caretaker talks about the animals native to that area and then the child and caretaker playfully imagine what food will be brought to the picnic.

The author started telling her own children this story to help them learn about other parts of our world and the animals that live there. She also wanted to spark their creativity, build creative confidence, and ease their fear of going to bed on their own. The story telling process creates a comforting routine that helps children relax and practice self-calming. This story encourages curiosity and creative independent thinking. When we are free to practice creative independent thinking, we become more confident in our own ideas. Confidence organically produces many benefits including the ability to soothe oneself to sleep.

Many additional books are in the works with different locations to educate children about animals and landscape native to an area in our world.

The caretaker character will vary in each book.

A family can be in many different forms and is not always defined by a mom and a dad as the primary caretaker.

It is the people who love and nurture you that make a family❤

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