The Missing Piece, The Hole in my Heart.: The hole in my heart

The Missing Piece, The Hole in my Heart.: The hole in my heart

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Inspiration: Inroduction The missing piece, the hole in my heart, written by Shane Marquin van Rooyen, it is a book written by myself based on the true life events I faced in life, the people and the names of the places mentioned in the book is all real. The book contains information about the experiences, events and happenings I have had as a child from the age of 6years old up to an adult of 27years old. In this book the reader will be inform how I was once a normal child who allso had big dreams for the future ahead of me, but I got lost along the way on my path I was traveling on. In the manuscript the reader will be inform, how I got lost and how I was able to find my way back in later years of my life, and what sacrifices it took for me to be found again. The book is based on my past life, but it also brings the reality of the present we are currently facing, and it brings the hope that there is a future for those who long for it. It is a special treatment for the spiritual, physical and menthol health of the human being as a reader. The stories and events in this book once again are all true stories and it will show the reader how we can easy be damage without even regocnising it. It will show you how I experienced, realized, recognized and accepted, the missing piece in my heart. This book material is allso a tool to encourage someone out there in the world, that no matter what we are facing in life, there is allways a way out. This book is written for all ages, you maybe a youngster or an adult, a child, a mom or a dad, but in this book is something for everyone. The book contains information of hope and will power to everyone and it is the idea to share my knowledge, my love, my life and my experiences to every reader on paper and to tell you that all things are possible by God, as soon as we regocnise and accept that we do or may have a weaknes or a problem. Sometimes we do not know what to do or where do go with what we facing, but if we took the step







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