Gloria Gemma's Forever in Our Hearts: A Collection of Stories & Memories, Volume One

Gloria Gemma's Forever in Our Hearts: A Collection of Stories & Memories, Volume One

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Gloria Gemma's Forever in Our Hearts brings you the stories of ten courageous people who share their vulnerable stories of love and loss, how their loss changed their lives, and how life continues in the wake of their loss. Their intent is that their story offers hope and inspiration to the reader.

The Gloria Gemma Foundation states in the introduction that, "Grief is a unique and often muddy creature. It is defined as 'deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone's death, ' but grief can be more than an emotion; it can impact our physical, behavioral, and spiritual wellbeing. Some people deal with their loss and move forward, while others seem perpetually fixed in a state of mourning, unable to experience true happiness-even years after their loss."

In these stories, you'll discover:

  • That you're not in it alone
  • Inspiration to take action
  • Each story of grief is unique
  • There's no right or wrong way to grieve
  • Feeling your emotions is the only way to process grief
  • Self care is of utmost importance

These heartfelt stories are written from the authentic heart with many details of their own and their loved ones' journeys. This is the first of the series that will be published over the upcoming years, as everyone's story is important to share.

"I would be lying if I said this wasn't hard. Talking about loved ones we've lost is one thing; reliving the heartache is something totally different. But for as many times that I thought I couldn't write my chapter, there were just as many moments that I felt extreme gratitude for this opportunity. Not only was it an opportunity to tell the story of my loved ones and my journey with grief, it was also an opportunity to further heal and remind myself and others that so much good can come from a great deal of sadness. Writing my story and hearing the stories of others during our monthly calls provided a missing piece to healing that I didn't even know I needed. Contributing to this project was a reminder that I am not alone in my grief and that hope is always present." -Author Christina Pirolli







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