Modern Day Rosies: The Women Behind The Masks

Modern Day Rosies: The Women Behind The Masks

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Modern Day Rosies is the story of how one paramedic overcame the trauma of being thrust onto the frontlines of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic.

Kate Bergen didn't know where to turn when asked to essentially go to war on an unknown invisible enemy. Would she be safe if she followed the ever changing guidelines? Would her family be protected? These thoughts reverberated as she got dressed each day for a battle she was never prepared to fight. She felt like a shell of a person, breakable at any moment as the darkness began to swallow her whole. She knew she had to do something.

This is an artfully infused story of how Kate faced her demons and dug out her paintbrush. Modern Day Rosies is about women who answered the call to the frontlines of COVID just as Rosie the Riveter had in World War II; each of them scared but determined to help in their own way. This became her 'Call to Action' urging the public to stay home so that frontline workers could do their job. Kate thought these women and their respective professions needed to be recognized. What she did not anticipate was the blossoming of light that shone from her work spilling onto these women, their professions and out into entire communities. One by one, each painting put back the pieces she was missing and continues to fulfill her in ways she never imagined.

Kate's work has reached the world wide stage. This journey has been surreal and now she is excited to share it with you in book form. Modern Day Rosies is just the beginning, be on the lookout for more from The Rosie Project in the future!

Short Description

Featuring women on the frontlines of COVID in a Rosie the Riveter likeness. The story of 50 women who got up everyday to face an unseen enemy. Shedding light on the blatant deficit of mental health awareness for women in healthcare.







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