Explore With Me: I Love You to the Jungle and Beyond (Mother and Son Edition)

Explore With Me: I Love You to the Jungle and Beyond (Mother and Son Edition)

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Are you ready to explore deep into the jungle?

This bedtime story takes mother and child away on a dreamy adventure into the jungle where they will see orangutans, monkeys, tigers and jaguars. They will watch for elephants, rhinoceroses, cockatoos and other rare birds as rich colours and textures come alive. Use your imagination to experience a habitat like no other in this children's picture book. Together, you will sail over lush vegetation, swing with monkeys through the trees and stumble upon a fish-filled watering hole.

Explore With Me by Sharon Purtill is a sweet bedtime story and the perfect book to share with your child or grandchild as they prepare for sleep. Inside, you will find beautiful illustrations and a delightful rhyming story to guide you and your child through a magical adventure deep into the jungle.

This children's picture book is part of the Wherever Shall We Go bedtime story series. Each book in this series is a promise to meet a child in their dreams and accompany them on an exciting dream adventure. Whether you'll zoom off to outer space, watch whales in the ocean or take an exploration deep into the jungle, the author hopes this bedtime story series will surprise and delight children everywhere.

Every book in the series closes with a loving message from the reader to the child that ties back to the book's subtitle. In Explore With Me the final message reads: "I love you to the jungle and beyond, my sweet one. Goodnight." The books in the Wherever Shall We Go Series are the perfect I love you books and they make wonderful gifts.

This is the mother and son edition of Explore With Me. It is a wonderful bedtime story for little boys, one that mothers can share with their sons or grandmothers with their grandsons. A mother and daughter edition is also available and can be found separately by searching this title.

Purchase a copy of Explore With Me, and prepare to take flight, because a fun adventure to the jungle awaits you tonight!

Don't forget to follow this author and be on the lookout for other books in this series. You never know where the next adventure will take you.







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