Last Chance Trailer Park

Last Chance Trailer Park

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Welcome to Last Chance Trailer Park, a hidden gem in the heart of Georgia where the lots are shady, and the future bright! In this heartwarming tale by artist and author Mavis Stevens, you'll discover a world that's anything but ordinary, filled with colorful characters and a strong sense of community.
Lucy Fowler finds herself unexpectedly thrust into the role of resident manager when she inherits the quirky Last Chance Trailer Park from her entrepreneurial cousin Bob. . As she steps into her new position, Lucy is introduced to a cast of characters that will steal your heart and tickle your funny bone.
Donna, the self-proclaimed medical guru of the park, draws in her medical experience to court any ailement. . Pandora, a resident who seems to exist in a world of her own.. And then there's Larry, a charming maintenance man who sets Lucy's heart aflutter from the moment they meet.
But this book isn't just about the tingly feeling of romance between Lucy and Larry. It's a collection of Mavis Stevens' own experiences "growing up trailer park." With her signature humor and storytelling flair, Mavis paints a vivid picture of a community like no other, where laughter, love, and a little bit of chaos are everyday occurrences.
Mavis Stevens is a well-established artist known for her ability to "sell happy." From her beginnings at just 15 years old, she has crafted art that brings smiles to people's faces all across the country. Her passion for art was ignited when her father drove her to her first festival, and she declared, "Whatever it takes, this will be my life."
Join Mavis Stevens as she invites you to Last Chance Trailer Park, where life is lived out loud in joy, and the bonds of community are unbreakable. Get ready to laugh, love, and discover the true meaning of family in this heartwarming and entertaining tale. "Last Chance Trailer Park: Where the Lots are Shady and the Future is Bright" is a delightful read that will leave you with a warm heart and a brighter outlook on life.







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