Sawbones: The Life and Times of Dr. Isham Talbot Peck (1811-1887): Volume II

Sawbones: The Life and Times of Dr. Isham Talbot Peck (1811-1887): Volume II

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Sawbones, by Author Andy Peck, Winner of the Community History Leadership Award of Excellence from the East Tennessee Historical Society!

Enjoy Volume II of the humorous and revealing articles that captivated the nation from a Southern planter, pre-Civil War physician, sportsmen, and father of nine!

Sawbones: Volume II finishes Isham's 19th century journey! Includes the final 18 Sawbones articles written between 1879-1886. Also includes never before published history for Mossy Creek (Jefferson City, TN), Hamblen, Grainger, and Cocke Counties, The Morristown Gazette, Isham's letters, and photos of Peck family gravestones. Plus genealogical reports for all of Isham's descendants to today! Also a special feature on early plantation life / slavery in Madison Parish, Louisiana.

★★★★★ Historian Reviews

"This marvelous book chronicles Dr. Isham Peck's life and times, sorrows and opinions, while revealing his true character and wit. Sawbones is a must have for all history lovers." Rob Beuch, President, Jefferson County Historical Society

"This is a gift not only to Peck descendants but also to the heritage of Cocke County." Ed Walker, Cocke Co. Historian

Foreword by David Needs, Jefferson City Historian

"As a Civil War Historian, I would recommend this book as it brings to light the sense of obligation that families like the Pecks had in the moments after secession. David Needs, City Historian, Jefferson City (Mossy Creek), Tennessee


Between 1874 and 1886, Dr. Isham Peck (Ada and Charley's father, and grandson of Adam Peck, Sr., founder of Mossy Creek) wrote letters to the editor of The Morristown Gazette under the pen name Sawbones, and people wrote to him as well. Sawbones takes you on a deep dive into life in East Tennessee, Vicksburg, and Northeastern Louisiana during the years of Reconstruction after the Civil War and beyond. Sawbones expresses his thoughts on politics, slavery, medicine, agriculture, church disputes, friendship, and fishing. In Volume I Author Andy Peck includes the history of Isham Peck and family, including what is known about his pre-Civil War service in the U.S. Army as a surgeon during the Black Hawk and Mexican-American Wars. Volume II covers the final 18 articles and extensive Mossy Creek history and geography. Allow yourself to be transported to the South as the author includes original photography and a series of videos from places where Isham and family lived. Scan QR codes throughout the book to watch and learn! Sawbones is a journey worth experiencing!

Volume II topics include: Mark Twain, Hot Springs, NC (Madison County) history, the Rumbough family, President Chester Arthur, Carson-Newman University history, notable figures from Mossy Creek including William Saltar Sizer, Pryor Yoe, J. W. Godwin, J. P. Legg, and Esquire Benjamin Peck from Rutledge, Mossy Creek Baptist Church, Bob Ingersoll, Evangelist Sam Small, D. L. Moody, and Ira Sankey. Also Henry Clay, Tennessee State Debt post-Civil War, the Buncombe train, and Exodusters (African Americans migrating to the Great Plains).

If you would like to learn about life during the 1800s, including political and religious scandals of the day, cotton planting, slavery, plantation life, and more, order Sawbones today!

Includes 200 photos, images, maps, and charts, and over 200 bibliographical references

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*Buy Sawbones: Volume I to begin the journey! Includes a biography on Isham, the Civil War Battle of Mossy Creek, a life and times timeline, and the first 21 Sawbones articles written between 1874-1878.







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