Enjoying Open Heaven, Divine Favour and Open Doors: 3 Great Destiny Making Assets

Enjoying Open Heaven, Divine Favour and Open Doors: 3 Great Destiny Making Assets

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Beloved, three great blessings of God that positions men on earth to gain for a life of outstanding success, results, impact and divine help to fulfill their divine destiny are OPEN HEAVEN, DIVINE FAVOR AND SUPERNATURAL OPEN DOORS.

Without open heaven, divine favor and supernatural open doors no amount of natural advantages, accomplishments and attainments a Person, Family, Business, Organization or Nation may possess can help a person to fully maximize their God given potentials, opportunities, relationships, vision, divine purpose and destiny.

In this unique hand book, you will come across the following eight modules: -

Module One: Operating Under Open Heavens.

Module Two: Walking In Divine Favor - Definition, Benefits And Examples Of God's Favored Candidates

Module Three: Secrets Of Securing And Walking In Divine Favor

Module Four: The God Of SUPERNATURAL Open Doors.

Module Five: Benefits Of SUPERNATURAL Open Doors.

Module Six: Evil Judgments - An Enemy Of Open Doors And Their Targets.

Module Seven: Definition, Sources And Evidence Of Curses- A Major Type Of Evil Judgment.

Module Eight: Curse Attractors And Magnets.

Module Nine: Secrets Of Freedom From Hidden Curses And Evil Judgment Chains And Padlocks.

The special insights you will come across in this handbook will be for many a comprehensive or 360 spiritual check-up that will reveal a lot to you why things may not be working for you and your family in one on more areas of life as they should. In this handbook, you will discover real answers as well as practical and permanent solutions to recurring life challenges.

By the time you finish reading this handbook and apply the knowledge you will come across, you will be maximally equipped and empowered to break free from the limiting influences closing your heavens and shutting your doors spiritually and be empowered with divine wisdom to operate under open heaven and enjoy supernatural open doors.







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