Enlightened Cooking with the Buddhist Chef: 95 Plant-Based Recipes

Enlightened Cooking with the Buddhist Chef: 95 Plant-Based Recipes

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Welcome to Enlightened Cooking with the Buddhist Chef! This cookbook is packed with 95 delicious plant-based recipes designed to nourish your body while providing you with a better understanding of the craft of cooking. In this book, you will learn how to shop for and prepare plant-based meals that are simple, healthy, and delicious.

Author Jean-Philippe Cyr is a cooking instructor and mindfulness coach with over two decades of experience cooking and exploring how food can bring us closer to a more mindful lifestyle. In this book, he shares his expertise and knowledge in crafting nutritious, vegan meals that bring all the elements of healthy eating together.

This cookbook focuses on creating flavorful and nutritious dishes that are made with whole, plant-based ingredients and techniques that emphasize versatility and ease. The recipes are delicious, nutrient-dense and made with natural, sustainable ingredients.

Whether you are looking to lighten up your meals or venturing into cooking plant-based dishes for the first time, Enlightened Cooking with the Buddhist Chef offers something for everyone. From beginners to experienced cooks, you will find recipes that are easy to follow and will have your family begging for more.

In this book, you'll find instructions for delicious vegan versions of dishes such as banana-sweet potato pancakes, tofu miso fried rice, and zucchini carbonara. Each recipe is accompanied by simple nutrition facts, cooking tips as well as suggestions for transforming the recipe to your taste and dietary preferences.

In addition, you will also learn how to incorporate mindful eating techniques into your cooking routine to help create a more conscious connection with food. This book is more than just a collection of recipes; it's a guide that can help anyone learn how to cook healthily, happily, and ethically.

So, come and join us in a journey of mindful cooking and eating that will not only delight your palate, but also add to your overall wellbeing. Enlightened Cooking with the Buddhist Chef will help you make sustainable, nutritious, and truly delicious dishes that will make even the pickiest eater happy.







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