When a Lady Loves a Rogue: A Regency Romance Collection

When a Lady Loves a Rogue: A Regency Romance Collection

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Indulge in a world of whispered passions and forbidden trysts, where love's delicate waltz defies the boundaries of Regency society.

Discover a world of passion, intrigue, and irresistible romance in this captivating 4-book boxset collection set in the elegant Regency era. Immerse yourself in the lives of four extraordinary couples as they navigate the delicate intricacies of society, defy conventions, and risk everything for a chance at true love.

Book 1: Forever My Rogue

Lady Annabelle Lindlow believes in the power of a rose quartz to guide her to love, but when she crosses paths with the notorious Duke of Rutland, her heart's desires become entangled with a man she should avoid. Can she trust the whispers of her heart over the dictates of society?

Book 2: One Moonlit Tryst

Lady Tabitha Pemberton's plans for an unburdened debut season are thrown into turmoil when a scandalous letter reveals a passionate connection between her and the magnetic Earl of Harcourt. As their forbidden attraction deepens, they must choose between love and reputation, defying a world that demands conformity.

Book 3: Christmas in the Duke's Embrace

Rescued from near death, Lady Marina Ellis finds unexpected salvation in the arms of Evan Lockhart, an enigmatic duke. As Christmas approaches, their bond grows stronger, but can they overcome their pasts and seize the chance at a love worth risking everything for?

Book 4: Courting Temptation

Tabetha Barkley's life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes a maid in the Duke of Devon's household, and her heart falls for the charming footman, Thomas Kingston. Forbidden by their stations, they must choose between duty and desire, and fight for a future that defies social boundaries.

Indulge in the enchanting tales of four couples as they navigate society's expectations, embrace their hearts' true desires, and dance along the edge of love and temptation. Lose yourself in this Regency Romance Collection where passion knows no bounds and love's delicate waltz sweeps you away to another time.

Fall in love with love itself as you delve into the pages of When a Lady Loves a Rogue. These four Regency romance novels prove that true love is worth every risk, every challenge, and every moment of heart-fluttering anticipation







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