The Amazing Surfbots: Catastrophic Current -- The first Surfing Superheroes for Kids ages 6-9

The Amazing Surfbots: Catastrophic Current -- The first Surfing Superheroes for Kids ages 6-9

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Aloha, Surfbot Power! This superhero team helps summer camp kids in trouble!

Water rescue mission at the summer camp paddling competition: An ocean current swirls the competitor field so that the inflatable boats head directly for a sharp reef. Immediately, The Amazing Surfbots Curly, Mick and Duke launch a risky rescue mission. But despite their super powers, the fight against the current seems lost - until a clever sea turtle tells them a trick ...

Lifeguard rescue mission with full-page pictures - Reading motivation for beginning readers and reluctant readers

An exciting adventure presented in a modern mix of story picture book and comic/graphic novel. Thanks to the narrative illustrations and comic book style elements ideal even for beginning readers.

  • Adventure book for kids who love the sea and marine life
  • A diverse superhero team, vacation spirit and interesting facts about the ocean
  • Robot story with non-violent action, fun, and a lot of summer, beach and surf
  • Narrative pictures and simple texts - also suitable for reading practice
  • Exciting children's books for ages 6+ (grades 1-4) to read aloud or read by yourself

The new children's book series about cool robots, friendship, helpfulness, and surfing.

Water, air, and land, the Surfbot rescue team will lend a hand! - that's the motto of the three robot super heroes Curly, Mick and Duke. Together with their best friend Emmi, they are the Surfbot Rescue Team. In their emergency missions, they rely on their superpowers: swirl energy, turbo speed and wave power. The Surfbot Rescue Team rushes to the aid of anyone who gets into trouble on the water, in the air or on land.

Young readers books of three robots on a secret mission

Only with good deeds can the Surfbots earn enough points to return to their home planet, Waterra. That's where Curly, Mick and Duke have been banished from since they are alive like you and me after a groundbreaking upgrade.

"But are living robots also peaceful?", the Waterrians ask themselves and unceremoniously shoot the Surfbots to us on Earth. Because why endanger your own population when there are less developed planets to test living robots with their own will and real feelings?!

Will the Surfbots pass the biggest challenge of their young lives? Do they even want to go back to where only good deeds bring recognition? Or do they face an even greater mission - freedom for all life?

The galactic adventure begins now!
  • Extraordinary heroes and stories suitable for children - with the extra portion of vacation spirit!
  • Adventure, non-violent action and humor - the best combination to convey knowledge in an exciting way!
  • Narrative pictures and relaxed text structure - motivation even for reading beginners & reluctant readers!
  • Modern format and cool design - perfect for reading yourself & reading aloud ... even when traveling!







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